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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneThe Time MachineTwo kitchen chairs back to back sitting on the floor.Don’t be afraid as I turn out the light and close the door.You in one and myself in the other we will travel to a place that is lost in space. See, I told you as we turn back the clock.Look below. There is our old city block.Maggie and her little brother always in tow.Where they are headed, I do not know.Little Susie covered in freckles from her brow to her chin.She always smiled with a toothless grin.And then there was Sally with knobby knees.When she wanted candy, she always said please.Watch as they jump rope and two at a time took skill.As the other girls turned, it gave them a thrill.Penny candy at the corner store, you could smell the sweetnessas you walked in the door.Give them a nickel and you always got change as they put them in a brown paper sackand always smiled as you turned to look back.Bubble gum came with a baseball card that you often traded in the school yard.Billie had a jackknife and could whittle a stick or make a boat that was pretty slick. Bobbie had a sack of marbles and he always won.Losing to him was not very much fun.The street lamp served as our play ground light,although it was never very bright.Hop scotch was a girls game that much is true,And they laughed with joy as they reached Sky blue.Cops and robbers was our game and if you shot him in the leg, he always came up lame. The Saturday matinée was our thrill,Three cartoon movies and cowboys and Indians filled the bill.Now we must return and make it to port as our time is running short.If we hurry we might catch them as they pass through the years.But you must never let them see your tears.55

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