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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneLast CowboyThe herd had slowly been driven away and the cowboys all left in search of a better day. That is, except for one who decided to stay.City folks know nothing of the open range. Their only concern is to bring about change.Left behind and now alone, with no place to rest his weary head. The cowboy wondered if he’d be better off dead.Still, he still struggled to see the sun rise as it always brought pleasure to his fading eyes.Empty pockets and not even a smoke.He soon came to know what it meant to be broke.Still, the man that he was struggled on,like many the nights the herd depended upon.Life at its worst when the well runs dry. Better to go off and lay down and die.Finally, they took him away. They buried him beneath the clover and a wooden cross over his head. He ascended to Heaven only to join the herd that he once led.57

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