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2.7 Conservation and the Historic Environment

        1. the impact of proposed development on the character and appearance of the Conservation Area in terms of compatibility of design, colour and finishes, and massing of built for;
        2. the impact of proposed development on the existing amenities, character and heritage of these areas; and
        3. the need to retain important architectural and townscape elements such as sash windows, gutters and down pipes, decorative plasterwork, etc.
        1. view at the square looking south through Watergate Street to the distant hills; view from the town wall looking south over The Valley to the open countryside and Grove Wood to the south;
        2. view at Abbey Street entrance looking south to the Comeragh Mountains;
        3. view at the elevated point on Grove Road of the approaching townscape; and
        4. view at Madam’s Bridge looking east and west.
      1. prevent development which would interfere or detract from a view which is designated,
      2. impose conditions on planning permissions where minor modifications may render an otherwise negative development acceptable.
        1. resisting the demolition of listed buildings, in whole or in part;
        2. resisting the removal or modification of features of architectural importance;
        3. resisting development which would adversely affect the setting of a listed building.
        1. on listed buildings where the special character would be harmed; or
        2. on the front or side of buildings in the Conservation Area; or
        3. in other parts of the town where they would cause unacceptable harm to the appearance of the area.


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