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2.4 Transport and Accessibility

a. The pedestrian has the right to live in a healthy environment and freely to enjoy the amenities offered by public areas under conditions that adequately safeguard both physical and psychological well-being.

b. The pedestrian has the right to live in urban and village centres tailored to the needs of human beings and not to the needs of the car and to have amenities within walking or cycling distance.

c. Children, the elderly and the disabled have the right to expect towns to be places of easy social contact and not places that aggravate their inherent weakness.

d. The disabled have the right to specify measures to maximise mobility, such as the elimination of architectural obstacles and the adequate equipping of public transport.

R1. Continue to extend and up-grade the riverside walk to include a new pedestrian bridge over the Clashawley River.

R2. Implement Phase II of the Town Action Plan in the Square - to provide:

- environmental improvements;

- enhanced pedestrian facilities;

- traffic management;

- undergrounding of services; and

R3. create an enhanced network of pedestrian routes linking amenity areas and tourist attractions, including;

R3a. re-opening of Belbow Lane to link Burke Street with the river bank and the Abbey Bridge;

R3b. improve access along the eastern and northern sides of the town wall;

R3c. protect and enhance the amenity value and sign posting along Jesuits walk;

R3d. protect the right of way from Abymill to the Valley; and

R3e. support the improvement of the Old Monroe Walk to Rockloe via Breen’s Bridge - ending at the Green.

R4. Provide traffic calming at the Killenaule Road entrance to the town.

R5. Provide a pedestrian/cycle path from Strylea Boreen to Rocklow Road as part of future residential development.


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