Rudi Holzapfel 1938-2005

poet, scholar and bookdealer


Cast a Cold Eye
Rudi Holzapfel and Brendan Kennelly
Dublin; Dolmen Press; 1959, 39 pp

“By rooan hurkey”
Dublin; privately printed by Dolmen Press; 1960, 30 pp

The Rain, the Moon (with introduction by Donald Carroll)
Rudi Holzapfel and Brendan Kennelly
Dublin; Dolmen Press; 1961, 62 pp

The Dark About Our Loves
Rudi Holzapfel and Brendan Kennelly
John Augustine and Company; 1962, 31 pp

Poems: Green Townlands
Rudi Holzapfel and Brendan Kennelly
Leeds: The University Bibliographical Press; 1963, 15 pp

Rudi Holzapfel
Privately printed; Dublin; 1963, 7 pp

Rudi Holzappel (sic) and Oliver Snoddy
Privately printed; 1964, 7 pp

Why Hitler is in Heaven (satirical ballad)
Rudi Holzapfel
Privately printed; 1964, 8 pp

Translations from the English
Rudi Holzapfel
Dublin; Museum Bookshop; 1965, 50 pp

Dublin Magazine: An Index of Contributors
Dublin Biographical Series I
Rudi Holzapfel
Dublin; Museum Bookshop; 1966, 118 pp

For Love of Ireland
Rudi Holzapfel
Broadsheet of nine poems; Leeds, 1967

The Rebel Bloom
Rudi Holzapfel
Privately printed; Leeds, 1967, 50 pp

Mangan”s Poetry in Dublin University Magazine: A bibliography
R.P. Holzapfel
Hermathena Nr. CV; 1967, pp 40-54

James Clarence Mangan: A Check List of Printed and other Sources
R. P. Holzapfel; Dublin, Scepter Publishers, 1969, 88 pp

Parasites Lost
Rudi Patrick Holzapfel and John Joseph Conleth Farrell
Privately printed; Cork, 1970, 12 pp

Rudi Holzapfel: A Bibliographical Check List
Alraune Graefin Boesewicht, 1971, 16 pp

Bad Godesberg; The Sunburst Press, 1974, 83pp

Icarus 70th Issue, The Big Bed (excerpt)
Dublin; 1976, 13 pp

Whom a Dream Hath Possessed
Sunburst Press; Blackrock, Dublin, 1975, 111 pp

A Smile Dies
Sunburst Press; Blackrock, Dublin, 1978, 77 pp

Repeat After Me: Poems
With Hermann Brunken
Euskirchen; Woodway Press 1980, 57 pp

The Mask of the Red Life
Omdourman; Sunburst Press; Blackrock, Dublin, 1981, 24 pp

Poems Written Swiftly
Sunburst Press; Blackrock, Dublin, 1982, 107 pp

Buckshot (Aphorisms)
Sunburst Press; Blackrock, Dublin,1983, 55 pp

Turning and Manipulation. Miscellaneous Poems and Satires
Sunburst Press; Blackrock, Dublin,1984, 128 pp

The Light of Loss
Sunburst Press; Blackrock, Dublin,1987, 62 pp

And Other Poems
New York; Pioneer Printing, 1987, 41 pp

Ask Silence Why; Selected Poems (1961-1982)
Edited by Ellen Shannon Mangan
Dublin; Beaver Row Press; 1987, 196 pp

White Alligators; Poems and Satires
Sunburst Press; Blackrock, Dublin, 1991, 97 pp

For Ronnie (single leaf to be read at graveside); 1993

An Cheapach
Sunburst Press; Blackrock, Dublin, 1993, 68 pp

Collected Works of James Clarence Mangan: Poems 1818-1837
Jacques Chuto, Rudolf Patrick Holzapfel, Peter MacMahon, Padraig O Snodaigh, Ellen Shannon Mangan, Peter Van De Kamp
Irish Academic Press; Dublin, 1996, xvii and 420 pp

Notes, Pointers, Current Market Prices of Tipperary Books for Scholars and Collectors
Compiled for Fethard Historical Society; 1997, 37 pp

Dark Harvest; Poems and Satires
Sunburst Press; Blackrock, Dublin, 1997, xv and 75 pp

Sunburst Press; Blackrock, Dublin, 2001, 157 pp

Selected Poems of James Clarence Mangan
With Ellen Shannon Mangan
Dublin, Irish Academic Press; 2003, xx and 404 pp

The Thieves of Dream
Sunburst Press; Blackrock, Dublin, 2003, 55 pp

A Tiger Says His Prayers
Sunburst Press; Blackrock, Dublin, 2006, 73 pp

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