Rudi Holzapfel 1938-2005

poet, scholar and bookdealer

Tipperary 1989-2005
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In 1989 Rudi decided to return to his beloved Ireland. He took up his work on his thesis about J.C. Mangan again, which later became part of the first complete compilation of that poet's work.

He kept on writing and publishing poetry, and dealing in second hand books at his Pennyfarthing, later Poor Sinner bookshop in Tipperary.

'Tipperariana’ was a term Rudi coined. This is no coincidence as Tipperary stood for all he loved and had carefully chosen for himself. Cappaghwhite, his home Moanvaun, his neighbours and friends, the book stores at Cashel and Tipperary Town, all these made up the haven, the long hoped for refuge he had so long done without, working away as a teacher in Germany.

His bookstores were in perfect order. All were welcome at any time and many took a book for free, because my dad would rather have seen a book with its rightful owner than with none at all. Even after his death people would come to his store and say, “He left this here for me - he wanted me to have it." Hour long discussions would ensue and cups of tea be drunk. Communication was the thing, and in more ways than one.

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Tipperary, Ireland

Rudi at his desk

Rudi outside his home