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Business in Fethard 1856

Or Fethard-Tip, as it is sometimes written – the adjunct a contraction to distinguish it from the Fethard in the Co. of Wexford. Is a market town and parish, in the barony of Middlethird, Co of Tipperary, 99 miles S.W from Dublin, 33. W from Waterford, 49 S.E. by E from Limerick, 61 N.E. from Cork, 10 s. from Cashel, 8.5 N from Clonmel and about the same distance S. from Killenaule. The town which is small and irregularly built, is situated in a fertile part of the country, and previous to the union was a parliamentary borough, returning two members to the Irish parliament. Though now in point of size, but an inconsiderable town, it was formerly one of consequence and great strength, being encircled by walls and the four entrances into the town were guarded by gates and towers three of which are still standing. The garrison stood a siege in the time of Cromwell and the articles of treaty and capitulation are now in the possession of William Barton Esq. of Grove, to whom the principal part of the place belongs.There is no prominent branch of business carried on here, the corn trade appears to be the principal and there are two or three mills for grinding that articles, one of which the Abbey -Mill is extensive. The timber and coal trade is also one of importance here. Many prsons are employed in the making of nails. The town was formerly governed by a regular corporation, embodied by a character of James. It is now under the late Municipal Act governed by a body of commissioners who are possessed of a corporate property.
Petty sessions are held once a fortnight in an ancient building in the Main Street. The Cavalry barracks is a handsome building and forms a string object on entering the town.

The parish church of the Holy Trinity is old but commodious and handsome. It comprises the remaining aisle of an ancient structure of which the chancel is in ruins. It is in the decorated English style with a venerable tower. The Roman Catholic Chapel of the Holy Trinity is a spacious modern Structure. The beautiful old abbey formerly belonging to the Augustinian Friars has been fitted up as a chapel; lately a new front to it has been completed and it now presents a handsome appearance.
The Presbyterians have also a place of worship. The Protestant parish schoolhouse is a neat building, having two airy schoolrooms, one each for boys and girls, with comfortable apartments for the Master.
A national school for both sexes in Chapel lane and a valuable dispensary are the other principal charitable institutions. The market, which is held on Saturday, is not so well attended as might be expected from the fertility of the surrounding country.

The Chartered fairs are April 20th, the Friday next before Trinity Sunday, September the 7th and November the 21st.
There are likewise fairs on the second Wednesday in the other months. The parish of Fethard contained, in 1851, 3,080 inhabitants and the town 2,767 of that number.

Alice Carew, Main Street.
James Conway, Main Street.
James Corcoran and Sons, Main Street.
Margaret Fennessy, Main Street.
William Maher and Sons, Main Street.
Ellen Mullins, Main Street.
John Needham, Main Street.
William O’Brien, Main Street.

Patrick Dwan, Cashel Road.
John Flynn, Fethard.
Patrick Gunn, Fethard.
Daniel Howlan, the Green.
William Lonergan, Main Street.
James Perkins, Watergate St.

Boot and Shoemakers,
James Byrne, Main Street.
Thomas Byrne, Watergate St.
John Cummins, Main Street.
William Fitzsimmons, Abbey St.
John Flannery, Clonmel Road.
William Graham, Main Street.
John Hanly, Chapel lane.
Thomas Hanly, Watergate St.
James McCarthy, Moore St.
Patrick McCarthy, Main St.
Richard McCarthy, Moore St.
Charles McCarty, Moore St.
Philip Maher, Cashel rd.
Edmund Mullalley, Chapel lane.
John Neal, Clonmel rd.
Thomas Scott, Watergate St.
Denis Tehan, Chapel lane.

James Corcoran and Sons, (& timber merchants) Main St.

Patrick Bowe, the Green.
Michael Cahill, Moore St.
Edmund Maher, Moore St.
James Maher, Moore St.
John Maher, (& chandler) Main St.
William Maher, Clonmel rd.
Carpenters and Wheelwrights,
John Hackett, Clonmel rd.
James Loughlan, Fethard.
John Loughlan, Fethard.
Philip Loughlan, Fethard.
William Quinlan, Chapel lane.
James Shea, Abbey St.
Denis Teweil, Clonmel rd.
Patrick Walsh, Main St.
Thomas Walsh, Abbey St.
William Walsh, Abbey St.

Thomas Daniels, Fethard.
Patrick Hefernan, Main St.
Thomas Parker, Chapel lane.
John Quinlan, Chapel lane.
Richard Ryan, Chapel lane.

Corn Merchants,
Lawrence Byrne, Main St.
John Daniels, Fethard.

Grocers and Spirit Dealers,
John Butler, Main St.
Lawrence Byrne, Main St.
Margaret Fenesey, Main St.
Patrick Flynn, Main St.
Pierce Landers, Main St.
John McCarthy, (& Tanner) Main St.
Michael McCarthy, Main St.
John Needham, Main St.
William O’Brien. Main St.
Richard O’Keefe, Main St.
Bridget Ryan, Moore St.
Matthew James Sayers, Main St.
Henry Schofield, Main St.
Philip Shea, Moore St.
Patrick Stokes, Main St.

Inns and Public Houses,
John Butler, Main St.
James Dwan, Main St.
Margaret Fenesey, Main St.
Margaret Hogan, (and undertaker) Watergate St.
Michael Hogan, Main St.
William Lonergan, Main St.
Ellen Mullins, Main St.
Bridget Ryan, Moore St.
Philip Shea, Moore St.
Patrick Stokes, Stokes Hotel, (& stamp distributor) Main St.

Robert McClellan, Main St.
Thomas Maher, Main St.

Linen and Woollen Drapers,
Ellen Delahunty, Moore St.
Margaret Fenesey, Main St.
Ann Henderson, (& confectioner), Main St.
William Maher & Sons (and spirit dealers), Main St.
Edward Walsh, (& bacon merchant), Main St.
Michael Walsh, Moore St.

Meal and Flour Dealers,
Ellen Byrne, Abbey St.
James Byrne, Main St.
Mary Cavan, Main St.
John Daniels, Moore St.

Millers and Corn & Flour Merchants,
John Clancy, Clare Mills, Killusty.
John McCarthy, Valley Mills.
James Shea, Abbey Mills.
James Shea, Cloran Mills, Cloneen.
Charles Wilson, Main St.

Milliners and Dressmakers,
Johanna Connell, Moore St.
Margaret Gabriel, Main St.
Catherine Harr, Main St.
Kate Henrehan, Main St.
Mary McGrah, Main St.
Margaret Sayers, Moore St.
Catherine Turney, Moore St.
Bridget Wall, Moore St.
Ellen Williams, the Green

Nail Makers,
Thomas Buckley, Chapel lane.
John Butler, Chapel lane.
James Cahill, the Green.
William Cordy, Abbey St.

William Dwyer, Clonmel rd.
Michael Fitzgerald, Cashel rd.
John Holmes, the Green.
Robert Holmes, the Green.
John Keevan, Clonmel rd.
Michael Kelly, Clonmel rd.
William Mack, Clonmel rd.
John Maher, Chapel lane.
Thomas Purtil, Clonmel rd.
John Wall, Abbey St.
Thomas Woods, the Green.

Painters and Glaziers,
James Hackett, Abbey St.
Thomas Hayes, Moore St.

John Fitzgerald, Clonmel rd.
Edward Howell, Moore St.

Shopkeepers and Dealers in Sundries,
Charles Ash, Fethard.
Pierce Brine, Watergate St.
Michael Donovan, Main St.
Thomas Fitzgerald, Moore St.
Anne Henderson, Main St.
Michael Hogan, Main St.
Mary McCarthy, Moore St.
Patrick McGrath, Moore St.
Eliza Norris, Abbey St.
Jno. Norris, (& parish clerk), Main St.
James O’Brien, Moore St.
Bridget Ryan, Moore St.
John Ryan, Moore St.
James Shea, Abbey St.
Margaret Walsh, Moore St.

Slaters and Plasterers,
James Green, Valley.
John Greene, Moore St.
John Julian, Clonmel rd.
William Mullins, Cashel rd.

Michael Brien, Clonmel rd
William Bulbert, Cashel rd.
Cornelius Callaghan, Moore St.
James Caton, Clonmel rd.
Edward Kendrick, Moore St.
Patrick Kendrick, Main St.
John Mara, Fethard.
Thomas Purtil, Clonmel rd.
John Sayers, Moore St.
Nicholas Wall, Chapel lane.

James Berrigan, Valley.
Patrick Berrigan, Valley.
Philip Loughlan, Barrack St.

Francis Carlton Burges, Physician, Moore St.
Samuel Hazlitt, Apothecary, Main St.
John Herr, Process server, Main St.
Michael Luther, Hairdresser, Main St.
William Maher and Sons, earthenware dealers, Main St.
Robert Norris, Whitesmith, Barrack St.
Richard O’Keefe, relieving officer, Main St.
John Ryan, Clothes dealer, Main St.
Henry Schofield, Tallow chandler, Main St.
James Smyth, clerk of petty sessions, Main St.
James Tehan, hardware dealer, Main St.

Robert McClellan, (land), Main St.
Frederick Sayers, (land, and to the London Mutual Life and Guarantee Society, Agriculturist, Cattle ins. co., and for Bianconi’s car’s) Main St.
Charles Wilson, (land) Main St.

Post Office, - Main St. -Frederick Sayers, Post Master Letters from all parts of Ireland and England, arrive each morning at 7, and are despatched every evening at half past six

Academies and Schools,
Robert Blundel, Watergate St.
Thomas Fitzsimmons, Main St.
National School, Chapel lane, Michael Sullivan -Master.
National School, (Female) Main St. Margaret Cox - mistress.
Parochial Schools (Protestant) Fethard - Jno. O’Sullivan, master, Henrietta Reusbury, -mistress,
Ellen Williams, Fethard.

24 Gentry and Clergy listed.

Places of Worship and their ministers
Trinity (Protestant) Parish Church Main St. Rev. Henry Woodward, rector, Glebe House, Rev. Edwin Ormsby, curate, Main St.
Holy Trinity Catholic Chapel, Main St.., Rev. Michael Laflan, Archdeacon and p.p. Rev. Joseph Organ, and Rev. James Hogan, curates.
Augustinian Chapel, the Abbey, Rev. James Lonergan, prior, Rev. Henry Allen and Rev. John Wall, curates.
Presbyterian Chapel, Moore St. Rev William F. White, Moore St.

Barracks (Cavalry) Main St. Sir William O’Malley, barrack master.
Constabulary Office, Main St. Thomas Burrowes, constable, Main St.
Dispensary Fethard- Mr Francis Burges, dispenser.
Market House, Main St. John Crane, -keeper.

To Clonmel - a car from Stokes Hotel, Main St. every morning (except Sunday) at 8-30, and a mail car from Frederick Sayers Main St. every evening at 6-30.
To Killenaule, a car from Stokes' Hotel daily at 4-30.

Railway, The nearest station is at Clonmel eight and a half miles distance, for conveyance thereto, see cars.


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