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Thursday 18th July 2002

Evil brute gets life for killing his Irish girlfriend after a row at their home
By Tim Doyle

  • A BRUTE who battered his young Irish lover to death was jailed for life on Wednesday 17th July.

    Kenneth Lynch, 33, murdered pretty Sinead Healy from Fethard, Co Tipperary, after a furious row at her London home. He wrapped her body in a bed sheet, hid it in a wheelie bin and then dumped it at the roadside the following day. He then calmly drove himself back to an English jail from which he had been out on temporary release.
  • Sinead’s body, which Lynch had covered with leaves to hide from passing motorists, was found five months later. Relatives and friends who had travelled from Ireland for the Old Bailey case shouted, “Yes” and “B*****d” as the unanimous verdict was announced.
  • Jailing Lynch. Judge Gerald Forrester said: “You murdered Sinead Healy, and having killed her in a cruel and callous way you disposed of her body by burying it in the way this case has revealed. “And this being a woman, you told the jury in the course of your evidence; you were very fond of and cared for.”
  • “Nothing could have been further from the truth the moment you acted as you did. It meant that for a period approaching six months her friends and family had to wait, not knowing what had become of her in very distressing circumstances,”
  • When it emerged Sinead had gone missing, Lynch callously told his cellmate: “She has run off again she’s done it before.” Lynch, who was serving a sentence for handling stolen goods, had been allowed out of prison for rehabilitation. He was supposed to stay at a friend’s house and report anything untoward to prison staff on his return. But instead he slept every night at his own flat, knowing he would probably not be caught because officials rarely check.
  • Lynch claimed he frequently visited Sinead, his on-off girlfriend, for sex on his days out of prison. But he flew into a rage one evening at her flat in Hammersmith, west London, and battered her to death with a blunt object. He denied killing taxi controller Sinead, claiming she disappeared after taking a call on her mobile phone and leaving his flat to meet a mystery man. But he was caught by a single speck of his blood at the murder scene.
  • Lynch attacked Sinead on October 18, 2000. At the time of the killing he was on a four-day period of home leave from Springhill Prison in England where he was serving a sentence for handling stolen computers.
  • He had been working at a car dealership in Slough on his days out as part of a scheme to integrate offenders back into the community in preparation for their release. Lynch, who has previous convictions, including one for firing a shotgun in the street, was due to return to jail the day after the murder. It is believed he hid Sinead’s corpse in a wheelie bin overnight at her flat in Gliddon Road, Hammersmith, then dumped it at the side of the A40 near Beaconsfield as he drove back to prison. The badly decomposed body was found five months later. A post mortem revealed she had died from several blows to the skull.
  • Lynch, who ran a mobile phone firm called ‘Talk To Me’ in Fulham before he was jailed, told the jury he could not have committed the murder because of an arm injury. But the jury rejected his story and found him guilty of murder. Lynch, from Hammersmith, turned and grinned at the family as he was taken to the cells.

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