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Outside Ireland: +353 52 (local number)

Phone Number Surname Street Town
6131765 Tack Shop, The Square, Fethard
6131238 Taylor, Louis & Margaret Saucestown, Fethard.
6131509 Teehan, Michael Moyglass, Fethard.
6132143 Tierney, David Bannoxtown, Fethard
6131256 Tierney, Michael Bannixtown, Fethard.
6131014 Timlin, P. Ballygambon, Fethard.
6131368 Tipperary Hunt Committee, Tullemaine Fethard.
6131765 Tipperary Tack Shop, The Square, Fethard.
6131770 Tobin, B.& G. Mobarnane, Fethard.
6131769 Tobin, Michael Moyglass, Fethard.
6131758 Tobin, Patrick 33 St.Patrick's Place, Fethard.
6132006 Tobin, Tom & Cathy 7 St. Patrick’s Place, Fethard
6131156 Treacy, Billy & Patricia 5 Strylea, Fethard.
6131049 Treacy, G. Congress Terrace, Fethard.
6131170 Trehy, Edward Kilnockin, Fethard.
6131982 Trehy, Joseph Kilnockin, Fethard.
6131464 Trehy, Maura Kilnockin, Fethard.
6131124 Tullamaine Castle Stud, Tullamaine, Fethard.
6131398 Tullamaine Castle Stud, Fax Tullamaine, Fethard.
6131969 Tynan, Benny Moyglass, Fethard.
6131648 Tynan, Margaret Coolbawn, Fethard.
6131458 Tynan, Matthew (Building Contr.) Moyglass, Fethard.
6132925 Van Dommelen, Bert & Janneke Killusty Fethard
6132275 Veares, Brian & Catherine Bridge House, Balloughboy,
Video Shop 086 8275827 Main Street Fethard
6131224 Village Inn, Moyglass, Fethard
6131086 Wade, Frank Cloran, Cloneen, Fethard.
6131726 Wall, Derek Main Street, Fethard.
6131928 Wall, Martin Grove, Fethard.
6132256 Wallace, Denise Red City, Fethard
6131230 Wallace, Paddy Saucestown, Fethard.
6131231 Walsh, Aidan Baptists Grange, Fethard.
6131423 Walsh, Alice St.Patrick's Place, Fethard.
6130898 Walshe, Ann & Michael Market Hill, Fethard
6131371 Walsh, Bernard A. Burke Street, Fethard.
6131166 Walsh Coaches, Kilnockin, Fethard
6131355 Walsh, Denis Rathcoole, Fethard.
6131028 Walsh, Derek Woodvale Walk, Fethard.
6131285 Walsh, Eamon Coolmoyne, Fethard.
6131406 Walsh, Frank & Shiela Coleman, Fethard
6131166 Walsh, Gene (Bus & Coaches) Kilnockin, Fethard.
6131330 Walsh, John Coleman, Fethard
6131515 Walsh, John Knockbrett, Fethard.
6131836 Walsh, Michael & Kay The Valley, Fethard.
6131396 Walsh, Patrick Coleman, Fethard.
6131315 Walsh, Patrick Moyglass, Fethard.
6131857 Walsh, Ray Buffana, Fethard
6131562 Walsh, Thomas Buffana, Fethard
6131087 Walsh, Thomas & Pauline Grawn, Fethard.
6131723 Walshe, Kathleen Barrack Street, Fethard.
6131491 Walshe, Sean Curraghtarsna, Fethard.
6132402 Ward, John & Liza Northgate House, Fethard
6131181 Ward, John (Garage) Kerry Street, Fethard.
6132075 Ward, John (Taxi Service) Main Street, Fethard.
6131955 Ward, M. Kerry Street, Fethard.
6131021 Wells, I. Grove, Fethard.
6131619 Whelan, P. Tullamaine Cottage, Fethard.
6131296 White, John Derryluskin, Fethard.
6131617 White, Laurence 8 Strylea, Fethard.
6153325 White, Michael Clonlahy, Cloneen, Fethard.
6131651 White, Patrick Derryluskin, Fethard.
6131332 Wholesale Electrical, The Valley, Fethard
6131454 Wholesale Electrical, The Valley, Fethard
6123402 Whyte, Jennifer Grangebeg, Fethard.
6131154 Whyte, John (Grocer) Main Street, Fethard.
6131582 Wilkinson, Clifford Killerk, Fethard
6131075 Williams, John Peafield, Cloneen, Fethard.
6131635 Willliams, George & Catherine 17 Woodvale Walk, Fethard
6131394 Woodlock, Patrick Rathduff, Fethard.
6132103 Woodlock, V. Coleman, Fethard
6131163 Woodlock, Vincent Jossestown, Fethard.
6135348 Wright, John & Bridget Coleman, Fethard.
6131984 Wright, Richard Killerk, Fethard.
6131232 Wyatt, Francis J. Jossestown, Fethard.

please click on the first letter of the required surname below
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