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Outside Ireland: +353 52 (local number)

Phone Number Surname Street Town
6132174 Nagle, Johnny 7 Woodvale Walk, Fethard.
6131752 Nagle, Kay 26 Woodvale Walk, Fethard
6131493 Nano Nagle National School, Rocklow Road, Fethard.
6131345 Neville, Augustine Kilnockin, Fethard.
6131853 Neville, James Mobarnane, Fethard.
6132950 Neville, John & Carol Kilnockin Fethard
6131731 Nevin, Declan & Carmel Jesuit Walk, Fethard.
6131614 Nevin, J. Tullamaine, Fethard.
6132389 Nevin, Christine Rocklow Road, Fethard.
6131416 Nevin, Thomas Rathsallagh, Fethard.
6132337 Newport, Edwina (Shop) Main Street, Fethard
6132130 Newport, Tony 5 Congress Tce. Fethard
6132337 Newport’s Newsagents, Main Street, Fethard
6156643 Nolan, Teresa St.Johnstown, Fethard.
6131512 Noonan, Mary Rosemount,Cloneen, Fethard.
6131096 Noonan, Robert Milestown, Cloneen, Fethard.
6131994 Nugent, Thomas Kilnockin, Fethard.
6131862 O'Brien, A.B. The Square, Fethard.
6153485 O'Brien, Adrian Cappagh, Cloneen, Fethard.
6131172 O'Brien, John Coolmoyne, Fethard.
6131843 O'Brien, Liam Rosegreen Road, Fethard.
6131171 O'Brien, Mary Cloneen, Fethard.
6131978 O'Brien, Michael (Plant Importers) Coolmoyne, Fethard.
6131495 O’Brien, P. Ballyhomic, Cloneen, Fethard
6131470 O'Brien, Pat (Autobody Repairs) Rosegreen Road, Fethard.
6131088 O'Brien, Pat & Helen Garrankyle, Cloneen, Fethard.
6131975 O'Brien, Patrick Tinakelly, Cloneen, Fethard.
6131248 O'Brien, Patrick J. The Valley, Fethard.
6131632 O'Brien, S. 1 Strylea, Fethard.
6153284 O'Brien, Teresa Cappagh,Cloneen, Fethard.
6131553 O'Brien, Thomas Red City, Fethard.
6131868 O’Brien, Thos. 8 Woodvale Walk, Fethard
6131349 O'Brien, William Ballinard Wood, Fethard.
6131370 O'Byrne, Dermot (Vet.Surgn.) Coolmore Stud, Fethard.
6131091 O'Connell, ( Alarms) Barrack Street, Fethard.
6131089 O'Connell, (Alarms) Fax Barrack Street, Fethard.
6156313 O'Connell, Christine Grangebarry, Fethard.
6131465 O'Connell, Dolly Main Street, Fethard.
6131735 O'Connell, Don The Valley, Fethard.
6131321 O'Connell, Don (Fethard Electrical) Barrack Street, Fethard.
6131450 O'Connell, Frank Coolmoyne, Fethard.
6131407 O'Connell, James Magorban, Fethard.
6131287 O'Connell, Mary 2 Strylea, Fethard.
6132265 O’Connell, Richard Magorban, Fethard
6131845 O’Connell, Sarah Silverfort, Ballinure
6131358 O'Connell, Thomas Coolmoyne, Fethard.
6131303 O’Connell, Thos. Knockenglass, Killenaule
6131496 O'Connor, Joan Main Street, Fethard.
6131215 O'Connor, John Farranaleen, Fethard.
6131130 O'Connor, Joseph D. Knockelly, Fethard.
6131585 O'Connor, Josephine The Green, Fethard.
6131243 O'Connor, Liam Ballyvaden, Fethard.
6131854 O'Connor, Martin 44 St.Patrick's Place, Fethard.
6131742 O'Connor, Noreen (Hair Salon) Main Street, Fethard.
6131652 O'Connor, Sophie Jossestown, Fethard.
6131286 O'Connor, Tom & Mary Cloneen, Fethard.
6131472 O'Dea, Philip (Electrician) Mobarnane, Fethard.
6131364 O'Dea, Sean Ballyvaden, Fethard.
6131125 O'Donnell, Breda Bannixtown, Fethard.
6131128 O'Donnell, Brian Garrinch, Fethard.
6131336 O'Donnell, David Coleman, Fethard.
6122273 O’Donnell, Dermot P. Grangebeg, Fethard
6131709 O'Donnell, Edmond Slanestown, Fethard.
6131507 O'Donnell, James Killusty South, Fethard.
6131985 O'Donnell, John Coolmore, Fethard.
6131849 O'Donnell, John & Sue Moorestown, Fethard.
6125148 O'Donnell, M. Grangebeg Cottage, Fethard.
6156226 O'Donnell, M.F. St.Johnstown, Fethard.
6156239 O’Donnell, Matt (Greyhounds) Mt.Taylor, Killenaule
6156203 O'Donnell, Moira St.Johnstown, Fethard.
6131120 O'Donnell, Pat Coleman, Fethard.
6131482 O'Donnell, Patrick Monroe, Fethard.
6122273 O'Donnell, Pierce Grangebeg, Fethard.
6131629 O'Donnell, William Mobarnane, Fethard.
6132292 O’Donoghue, Jas. Kilsheelan
6131568 O'Donovan, Brendan Coolmoyne, Fethard.
6131675 O’Donovan, Denis Jossestown, Fethard
6131671 O'Donovan, John & Dympna Spittalfield, Fethard.
6131784 O'Donovan, Sean (Fuels & Hlge.) Coolmoyne, Fethard.
6124985 O'Driscoll, Dominic & Pamela Grangebeg, Fethard.
6135272 O'Dwyer, Anthony Coleman, Fethard.
6131560 O'Dwyer, Denis Woodhouse, Fethard.
6131266 O'Dwyer, Derry Red City, Fethard.
6131380 O'Dwyer, E.M. Derryluskin, Fethard.
6131290 O'Dwyer, John 3 Strylea, Fethard.
6131791 O’Dwyer, Mary Knockinglass, Killenaule
6132016 O'Dwyer, Matthew Red City, Fethard.
6131366 O'Dwyer, Michael F. Clonacody, Fethard.
6131640 O'Flaherty, Michael Killusty, Fethard.
6131587 O’Flynn, John Ballinlough, Lisronagh
6131826 O'Flynn, John & Catherine Knockelly, Fethard.
6131168 O'Flynn, Kate Knockelly Road, Fethard.
6131329 O'Flynn, Percy Burke Street, Fethard.
6131254 O'Flynn & Sons. (Tailors & Outfitters) Burke Street, Fethard.
6131818 O'Flynn, Tess The Valley, Fethard.
6131658 O'Flynn, Timothy J. Lower Main Street, Fethard.
6131911 O’Gorman, Mce 10 Canon Hayes Park, Fethard
6131965 O'Gorman, Michael Ballinard, Fethard.
6131061 O'Grady, Patrick Silverfort, Fethard.
6132113 O’Hanlon, Gary (Heating & Plumbing) Cloneen, Fethard
6131631 O'Keeffe, James J. Ballybough, Fethard.
6131325 O'Meara, David Ballyvaden, Fethard.
6131916 O'Meara, Denis Grove Road, Fethard.
6131169 O'Meara, Frank & Valerie 29 Woodvale Walk, Fethard.
6131929 O'Meara, Joan The Green, Fethard.
6131729 O'Meara, John Moyglass, Fethard.
6131780 O'Meara, John & Nora Milestown, Fethard.
6131131 O'Meara, Mary Ballyvaden, Fethard.
6132074 O'Neill, Michael Farranalleen, Fethard.
6132254 O’Reilly, Barry Rathduff, Fethard
6131523 O'Riordan, Michael (Ironworks) Kerry Street, Fethard.
6131743 O'Riordan, Timothy Barrack Street, Fethard.
6131309 O'Rourke, Donal Mobarnane, Fethard.
6131127 O'Shea, Catherine Tullow,Killusty, Fethard.
6131158 O'Shea, J. Killusty, Fethard.
6131008 O'Shea, Martin The Valley, Fethard.
6131448 O'Shea, Victor M. Cloran House,Cloneen Fethard.
6131268 O'Shea's Pat ( Bob's Bar & Lounge) Main Street, Fethard.
6131310 O’Sullivan, Bill “Perryville”, Fethard
6131239 O'Sullivan, J.F.& Co.Ltd. Main Street, Fethard.
6132111 O'Sullivan, J.F.& Co.Ltd. Main Street, Fethard.
6131244 O'Sullivan, Michael F. Rathavin, Fethard.
6131324 Opray, Susanne Red City, Fethard.
6132914 Oriental Gardens, Chinese Lonergan's, The Square Fethard
6131434 Outram, Clifford Bannixtown, Fethard.

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