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Outside Ireland: +353 52 (local number)

Phone Number Surname Street Town
6131736 Hackett, Seamus & Margaret 28 St. Patrick’s Place Fethard.
6131790 Hall, A. Hollyoak, Ardsallagh, Fethard
6132448 Hall, Neilie 086 8754161 31 St Patricks Place Fethard
6131610 Halley, John (Equine Vet.) Rathvin, Fethard.
6131927 Halpin, B. Killusty North, Fethard.
6131732 Halpin, Patrick Killusty, Fethard.
6131013 Halpin, Tom & Diana 63 St.Patrick's Place, Fethard.
6132095 Hanly, Joseph Barrettstown, Fethard
6132219 Hannigan Construction, Clonbrogan, Fethard
6131639 Hannigan, Don (Vet Surgn.) Sladagh, Fethard.
6131240 Hannigan, P. Ballyvaden, Fethard.
6131873 Hannigan, Robert Clonbrogan, Fethard.
6131746 Hannon, Gerry Crossard, Fethard.
6156257 Hannon, Tom Grangebarry, Fethard.
6131184 Hanrahan, Sean The Green, Fethard.
6131196 Harrington, Cath & Siobhan The Old Abbey, Fethard.
6131814 Harrington, Maurice Tinakelly, Fethard.
6131535 Harrington, Nicholas Garrinch, Fethard.
6131722 Harrington, Noel Railstown, Fethard.
6131592 Harrington, Sean (Builder) Castlehiggins, Fethard.
6131604 Harris, V. Foulkstown Farm, Fethard
6131655 Hatton, Jonathan Ardsallagh, Fethard.
6131914 Hayde, Michael Saucestown, Fethard.
6132051 Hayes, Anthony Belbow Lane, Fethard
6131706 Hayes, James Main Street, Fethard.
6131428 Hayes, James Pinetree Lodge, Fethard.
6131269 Hayes, Joseph Rathcoole, Fethard.
6131584 Hayes, Liam & Joan Red City, Fethard.
6132287 Hayes, Richard Mountain View, Crampscastle, Fethard
6131513 Hayes, Richard (Turf Acctnt) Burke Street, Fethard.
6132391 Hayes, Seamus & Mary 087 9502954 Cois Falla Fethard
6132208 Hayes, Tom & Frida Rathcoole, Fethard
6131962 Hazell, D.F. Mobarnane, Fethard.
6131251 Health Centre, Rocklow Road, Fethard
6131029 Healy, Ann Strylea, Fethard.
6131317 Healy, Catherine The Green, Fethard.
6156523 Healy, Christina Grangebarry, Fethard.
6131299 Healy, Edmond (Builder) The Green, Fethard.
6131621 Healy, John The Green, Fethard.
6131388 Heffernan, C. Knockelly Castle, Fethard.
6132148 Heffernan, Ellen 19 Barrack Street, Fethard.
6131389 Heffernan, Patrick & Joan Ballyvaden, Fethard.
6131052 Heffernan, Patrick & Rosemary Ballyvaden, Fethard.
6131139 Heffernan, Timothy Folkstown, Ballinure, Fethard
6131641 Henehan, T.B. Main Street, Fethard.
6135178 Hennessy, Michael Coleman, Fethard.
6135159 Hennessy, Richard Coleman, Fethard.
6156776 Henry, Richard St. Johnstown, Fethard.
6131659 Hickey, D.J. Baptists Grange, Fethard.
6132067 Hickey, James Walshsbog, Cloneen, Fethard.
6132008 Hickey, Niall Coolmoyne, Fethard.
6131806 Hickey, Thos Cloran, Cloneen, Fethard
6132047 Higgins, Brian 2 Cedar Grove, Strylea, Fethard.
6131198 Higgins, Doris 6 St.Patrick's Place, Fethard.
6132236 Hogan, David Peafield, Cloneen, Fethard
6131262 Hogan, Jerh Peafield, Cloneen, Fethard
6132309 Holohan, A. Ballinard, Fethard
6131871 Holohan, Hugh J. Grangeduff, Fethard.
6131249 Holohan, John Ballinard, Fethard.
6131219 Holohan, Patrick Killusty South, Fethard
6131438 Holohan, Patrick J. Marianville, Fethard.
6131399 Holohan, Rose Ballinard, Fethard.
6131687 Holway, Mary Anne Madamsland, Fethard.
6131740 Horan, G. Tinakelly, Fethard.
6131934 Horan, James Tullamaine, Fethard.
6131418 Horan, Joachim Tullamaine, Fethard.
6131411 Horan, Thos Jossestown, Lisronagh, Fethard
6132253 Horan, Thos Tullamaine, Fethard
6132238 Houlihan, Jacqueline Tullow, Fethard.
6131957 Houlihan, Michael Killusty, Fethard.
6131601 Hunt, James Knockinglass, Fethard.
6131750 Hunt, Seamus Knockinglass, Fethard.
6131351 Hunt, Vere Des Garraun Lodge, Fethard.
6131316 Hurley, James A. 4 Congress Terrace, Fethard.
6132044 Irish Throughbred Breeders, The Square, Fethard.
6131870 Jobson, RRB Foulkstown Bridge, Fethard
6131270 Joy, Larry & Anne Red City, Fethard.
6131267 Kane, Danny Kerry Street, Fethard.
6131033 Kavanagh, Paul Knockinglass, Fethard.
6131363 Keane, Alice 10 Fr.Tirry Park, Fethard.
6132146 Keane, Jim Knockelly, Fethard
6153466 Keane, John & Anne Cappagh, Cloneen, Fethard.
6131719 Keane, Joseph 72 St.Patrick's Place, Fethard.
6132053 Keane, Margaret The Green, Fethard.
6131620 Kearney, Catherine The Green, Fethard.
6132014 Kearney, Tina Cloran, Cloneen, Fethard.
6132022 Keating, Patrick Magorban, Moyglass, Fethard.
6131339 Keaveney, Pat Coolanure, Fethard
6131068 Kelliher, C. Killerk House, Fethard.
6131476 Kelly, C.P. Annesgift, Fethard.
6132073 Kelly, Ellen 16 St.Patrick's Place, Fethard.
6131054 Kelly, J. Ballygambon, Fethard.
6131012 Kelly, T. Rathavin, Fethard.
6131527 Kennedy, Angela F. Burke Street, Fethard.
6131209 Kennedy, Aodh Milltownbeg, Fethard.
6132378 Kennedy, Bill The Valley, Fethard
6130889 Kennedy, John 8 Cois Falla Fethard
6131559 Kennedy, Patrick Arbour Hill, Fethard.
6131342 Kennedy, Rena C. Arbour Hill, Fethard.
6131989 Kenny, Brendan 43 St.Patrick's Place, Fethard.
6130051 (Fax) Kenny, Joe Rocklow Road, Fethard.
6131663 Kenny Photo Graphics Rocklow Road, Fethard.
6130050 Kenny, Joe & Rita Rocklow Road, Fethard.
6131383 Kenny, Laurence (Centra Foodstore) Barrack Street, Fethard.
6131575 Kenny, Michael Brookview, Castlehiggins, Fethard.
6131003 Kenny, Michael Farranshea, Fethard.
6131749 Kenny, Phyllis The Green, Fethard.
6131883 Kersse, Martin Monroe, Fethard.
6131900 Keyes, M. Ballyvaden, Fethard.
6131117 Kiely, Jerry Ballyhomuck, Cloneen, Fethard

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