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Outside Ireland: +353 52 (local number)

Phone Number Surname Street Town
6131055 Egan, Elizabeth Kilconnell, Fethard.
6131549 Egan, Jas Garrankyle, Cloneen Fethard
6132155 Emerald Fire Prevention Grawn, Fethard
6131352 Evans, Agnes & Noreen 6 Congress Terrace, Fethard.
6131837 Evans, Robert Saucestown, Fethard.
6131571 Fahey, Eileen Crampscastle, Fethard.
6131376 Fahey, Ml. Buffana, Fethard
6132223 Fahy, Augustine Baptistgrange, Fethard
6131626 Fahy, M. Crampscastle, Fethard.
6132254 Farrelly, Jean Rathduff, Fethard
6131023 Feery, Bernard Killusty, Fethard.
6131480 Fenton, Ignatius Crampscastle, Fethard.
6131331 Fethard Ballroom Lwr Main Street Fethard
6131869 Fethard Beauty Clinic, Main Street, Fethard.
6131925 Fethard Boys School (St Patrick’s) Rocklow Road, Fethard
6132316 Fethard Community Playgroup Health Centre Fethard
6131454 Fethard Electrical Wholesale, The Valley, Fethard.
6131516 Fethard Folk Farm & Museum, Cashel Road, Fethard.
6131202 Fethard Garda Station, The Square, Fethard.
6131251 Fethard Health Centre, Rocklow Road, Fethard.
6131000 Fethard & Killusty Comm. Counc Tirry Centre, Fethard.
6131217 Fethard Post Office Main Street, Fethard.
6131974 Fethard Sewage Treatment Plant
6131152 Ffolliot, Rosemary Glebe House, Fethard.
6131774 Fitzgerald, John Crampscastle, Fethard.
6131337 Fitzgerald, John Tubber, Cloneen, Fethard.
6131637 Fitzgerald, John S. Monroe, Fethard.
6131036 Fitzgerald, M. Killusty Road, Fethard.
6131354 Fitzgerald, Margaret Kiltinan, Fethard.
6131751 Fitzgerald, N. Ballyhomuck, Cloneen Fethard
6132164 Fitzgerald, Patricia 10 Barrack Street, Fethard
6131540 Fitzpatrick, William Ardsallagh, Fethard.
6131905 Flanagan, Michael & Margaret Derryluskin, Fethard.
6131246 Fleming, Ellen Farranshea, Fethard.
6131660 Fleming, John Barrettstown, Fethard.
6131866 Fleming, M. Coolmore, Fethard.
6130926 Fleming, Sean & Ann Killerk Rd. Redcity Fethard
6131284 Flynn, Thomas A. Derryluskin, Fethard.
6131970 Fogarty, Gerard Brookhill, Fethard.
6132064 Fogarty, James The Green, Fethard.
6131417 Fogarty, John Curraghscarteen, Fethard.
6131724 Fogarty, John & Veronica Garrinch, Fethard.
6131557 Fogarty, Joseph 3 Congress Terrace, Fethard.
6131520 Forge Brasserie, The Square, Fethard
6132107 Fox, Patrick 46 Woodvale Walk, Fethard
6132247 Fox, Patrick Snr 61 Woodvale Walk, Fethard
6131793 Foyle, Stephen Sladagh, Lisronagh Fethard
6131510 Frewen, Robert Tullamaine, Fethard.
6131797 Furnell, Philip Tinakelly, Fethard.
6131901 Furnell, Robert Ballinard, Fethard.
6132050 G & T’s Restaurant (McCarthy’s) Main Street, Fethard
6131615 Gahan, Denis Ballyhomuck, Cloneen Fethard
6131421 Gahan, John Moyglass, Fethard.
6153450 Gahan, Patrick Rossane, Cloneen, Fethard.
6153257 Gahan, Thomas Kylengranagh, Cloneen Fethard
6131665 Gahan, Thomas (Ambulance) Woodvale Walk, Fethard.
6131202 Garda Siochana, The Square, Fethard.
6131701 Gateway Bed & Breakfast, Rocklow Road, Fethard
6135233 Gillessen, Heinrich Coleman, Fethard.
6135329 Gillessen, Rudolf Coleman, Fethard.
6131188 Gilpin, Jonathan & Marian Villa Therese, Fethard.
6131576 Gleeson, Annie Kilbury,Cloneen, Fethard.
6131713 Gleeson, J. Knockelly, Fethard.
6131455 Gleeson, John Coolmoyne, Fethard.
6131233 Gleeson, M. Coolmore, Fethard.
6131233 Gleeson, M. Coolmore, Fethard
6131656 Gleeson, Patrick Cloran, Cloneen, Fethard
6131840 Gleeson, Sean Mobarnane, Fethard.
6132200 Gleeson, Tadgh (FCA) Academy House, Fethard
6131487 Gleeson, Tadhg Brookhill, Fethard.
6132064 Godfrey, Austin Derryluskin, Fethard.
6131362 Godfrey, Joseph Annsgift, Fethard.
6131277 Goodbody, Eve P. Lakefield, Fethard.
6131616 Goodbody, M.P. Newtown, Fethard
6131478 Gorey, Bridget Main Street, Fethard.
6131821 Gorey, Denis (Cabinet Maker) Red City, Fethard.
6152115 Gorey, M. St Johnstown, Fethard.
6152311 Gorey, Patrick & Mary St Johnstown, Fethard
6131998 Gorey, Richard & Rose Moanbeg, Fethard.
6131812 Gough, Ian & June 42 Woodvale Walk Fethard
6131570 Gould, M. Killusty, Fethard.
6135336 Graafland, F. Donoughmore, Lisronagh, Fethard
6131490 Grant, Edwd. Folkstown, Ballinure, Fethard
6156494 Grant, Patrick Lismortagh, Fethard.
6131103 Grant, Peter (Grant Video) The Valley, Fethard.
6131440 Grant, Thomas Killerk, Fethard.
6131177 Grant, Tom Kilbury, Cloneen, Fethard
6131676 Griffin, Mary Coleman, Fethard.
6131679 Griffin, Patrick Cloran, Cloneen, Fethard
6131603 Griffin, Thomas Rathdrum, Fethard.
6131076 Griffith, Thelma Crampscastle, Fethard.
6135250 Grimson, Sharon White Oaks, Coleman, Fethard.
6131392 Group Homes, Rocklow Road, Fethard.
6131151 Grubb, Louis & Jane Beechmount, Fethard.
6131066 Grubb, Louis & Jane, Fax. Beechmount, Fethard.
6156256 Guiry, Brian J. Miltown St.John, Fethard.
6131353 Guiry, Robert Peppardstown, Fethard.

please click on the first letter of the required surname below
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