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Outside Ireland: +353 52 (local number)

Phone Number Surname Street Town
6132091 Carew, Wm. Kilconnell, Fethard
6131057 Carey, Brenda Derryluskin, Fethard
6131135 Carey, John Tullamaine, Fethard.
6131276 Carey, Rita Kilnockin, Fethard.
6131046 Carrick, J. Crampscastle, Fethard.
6131133 Carrigan, Helen Clonacody, Fethard.
6132263 Carroll, Joan 56 Woodvale Walk, Fethard
6131573 Carroll, Kevin Coolbawn, Fethard.
6131972 Carroll, Pat Ashgrove, Coolmore, Fethard.
6131165 Carroll, Peter Menlo, Fethard.
6131199 Casey, Gerard Derryluskin House, Fethard.
6131357 Casey, Jerome F. Drumdeel, Fethard.
6131532 Casey, Josephine Derryluskin, Fethard.
6131613 Casey, Nicholas Cashel Road, Fethard.
6132914 Chinese Restaurant, Oriental Gardens Lonergan's, The Square Fethard.
6131414 Christen, Regula Red City, Fethard.
6131308 Clancy, Patrick Cloneen, Fethard.
6131822 Clancy, William Killusty, Fethard.
6131378 Cleanrite Cleaning Services, Strylea, Fethard.
6131132 Cleary, Dr.Thomas Magorban House, Fethard.
6131005 Cleary, Patrick Foulkstown, Ballinure, Fethard
6131306 Cleary, Patrick A. Market Hill, Fethard.
6131887 Cloneen National School, Cloneen, Fethard.
6131101 Cloneen P.O. Cloneen, Fethard.
6131600 Cloneen Sports & Social Club, Cloneen, Fethard.
6131235 Cloonan, Mary Kilnockin, Fethard.
6131471 Clooney, William Baptist Grange, Fethard.
6132085 Co.Council Road Dept.
6131974 Co.Council Sewage Treatment
6131372 Co.Council Water Inspector Ballinard, Fethard.
6131056 Coady, E. The Valley, Fethard.
6132203 Coady, Kevin & Margaret The Valley, Fethard
6131501 Coady, Nora The Valley, Fethard.
6131468 Coen, Louis Killusty, Fethard.
6132092 Coen, Michael 59 St. Patrick’s Place, Fethard
6131402 Coen, Kathleen 41 St. Patrick's Place, Fethard.
6131830 Coens Meat Market, Burke Street, Fethard.
6131525 Coffey, Francis A. Burke Street, Fethard.
6131041 Coffey, Kevin Killenaule Road, Fethard.
6131449 Coffey, Pauline Burke Street, Fethard.
6131002 Colville, Noel Ballintemple, Fethard.
6131906 Colville, Peggy Spitalfield, Fethard.
6132316 Community Playgroup Health Centre Fethard
6131631 Condon, Dr.Carmel Ballybough, Fethard.
6131213 Condon, Dr.Carmel Northgate Medical Centre, Fethard.
6132204 Condon, S. 10 Slievenamon Cl., Fethard
6132017 Connolly, Liam 39 St.Patrick's Place, Fethard.
6131903 Connolly, Ned Garrinch, Fethard.
6132048 Connolly, William The Green, Fethard.
6131943 Connors, Mary Cashel Road, Fethard.
6131225 Convent - Presentation - Convent, Fethard.
6131141 Convent - Presentation - Nagle House, Fethard.
6131392 Convent - Presentation - Sacre Couer, Fethard.
6131305 Convent - Presentation - Sancta Maria House Fethard.
6131572 Convent - Presentation - Secondary School, Fethard.
6132029 Cooke, Patrick 49 St.Patrick's Place, Fethard.
6131298 Coolmore Stud, Coolmore, Fethard.
6131382 Coolmore Stud, (Fax) Coolmore, Fethard.
6131745 Coolmore Stud, Coolmore, Fethard.
6131385 Coolmore Stud - Asst.Mgr.- Coolmore, Fethard.
6131431 Coolmore Stud - Farm Staff - Coolmore, Fethard.
6131446 Coolmore Stud - Farm Staff - Coolmore, Fethard.
6131477 Coolmore Stud - Farm Staff - Coolmore, Fethard.
6131564 Coolmore Stud - Farm Staff - Coolmore, Fethard.
6131333 Coolmore Stud - Mgrs.Res.- Coolmore, Fethard.
6131502 Coolmoyne Courier Service Coolmoyne, Fethard
6131733 Cooney, A. The Square, Fethard.
6131936 Cooney, John Killusty Road, Fethard.
6131264 Cooney, Liam Lakefield Lodge, Fethard.
6131792 Corballis, Timothy Moyglass, Fethard.
6132269 Corbett, Conleth Milestown, Cloneen Fethard
6131543 Corbett, Joseph Grove, Fethard.
6131681 Corcoran, Anthony J. The Valley, Fethard.
6131690 Corcoran, Dr.Matthew J. The Square, Fethard.
6131958 Cormack, James Kilnockin, Fethard.
6131327 Corner House Bar, Burke Street, Fethard.
6131942 Costello, Michael Strylea, Fethard.
6131099 Costelloe, Ml. Kilbury, Cloneen Fethard
6131297 Costigan, James Moyglass, Fethard.
6156490 Costigan, John Moyglas, Fethard.
6131578 Cranitch, Michael & Mary Ballinard, Fethard.
6131467 Crean, James Moanbeg, Fethard.
6132134 Crean, William Ardsallagh, Fethard
6131179 Croke, Ann Red City, Fethard.
6131190 Croke, James Coleman, Fethard.
6131913 Croke, James Coolbawn, Fethard.
6131146 Croke, M. Burke Street, Fethard.
6131441 Croke, Michael Barrettsgrange, Fethard.
6131910 Croke, Michael & Helen Coleman, Fethard.
6131414 Croke, N.C. Beechmount, Fethard.
6131060 Croke, Patrick 50 St.Patrick's Place, Fethard.
6132129 Cronin, Liam Coleman, Fethard
6132181 Cross Shop, Cashel Road, Fethard
6131514 Crotty, Edward Killusty, Fethard.
6131823 Crowe, Julia Killusty, Fethard.
6131647 Cuddihy, Martin Crampscastle, Fethard.
6132000 Cullen & Davison Ltd. Killenaule Road, Fethard.
6131481 Culleton, George Cloneen, Fethard.
6131772 Culligan, C. Woodvale Walk, Fethard.
6132201 Culligan, P & J The Valley, Fethard
6131010 Cummins, Daniel 53 St.Patrick's Place, Fethard.
6131486 Cummins, Edward Woodhouse, Fethard.
6132197 Cummins, John Burke Street, Fethard
6131367 Cummins, Michael Everards Grange, Fethard.
6131167 Cummins, Richard Main Street, Fethard.
6123402 Cunningham, Terence P. Grangebeg, Fethard.
6131767 Curran, Dermot 67 Woodvale Walk, Fethard.
6131067 Curran, H. Barrettstown, Fethard.
6131890 Curran, Patrick Clonbrogan, Fethard.
6132281 Curran Road Markings Ltd Colman Cross, Fethard
6131404 Daly, Arthur 34 St.Patrick's Place, Fethard.
6131896 Daly, Liam (Fuel Merchant) Rocklow Road, Fethard.
6131851 Danagher, Jim & Marie 12 Congress Terrace, Fethard.
6131038 Danaher, Mary 1 Cedar Grove, Strylea, Fethard.
6131606 Darcy, J. Killusty, Fethard.
6131126 Darcy, James Killusty North, Fethard.
6131452 Dargan, Laurence Red City, Fethard.
6131463 Dawnfresh Foods Ltd. (Fax) Killenaule Road, Fethard.
6131115 Dawnfresh Foods Ltd.(Office) Killenaule Road, Fethard.
6131379 Dawnfresh Foods Ltd. (Vets.) Killenaule Road, Fethard.
6131000 Day Care Centre, Fr Tirry Centre, Fethard
6131666 Delahunty, Eamonn (Livestock Hlr.) Castle Higgins, Fethard.
6131118 Delahunty, Edmond (Cattle Dealer) Market Hill, Fethard.
6131530 Delahunty, Thomas Market Hill, Fethard.
6131245 Delaney, James Crampscastle, Fethard.
6131148 Delaney, Patrick Red City, Fethard.
6132031 Delaney, Peter Ballygambon, Lisronagh Fethard
6131116 Delaney, William P. Red City, Fethard.
6131282 Delany, Kitty Parsons Hill, Fethard.
6131667 Delany, John J. Knockelly, Fethard.
6131039 Delany, Noel & Claire Peppardstown, Fethard.
6131489 Delany, Patrick J. Knockelly, Fethard.
6131201 Dempsey, A. Anner House, Fethard
6131409 Denn, J. Cloran, Cloneen, Fethard.
6131095 Devaney, Sean Grove, Fethard.
6131395 Dillon, Edmond Cooleagh, Fethard.
6131443 Doherty, Michael 9 Strylea, Fethard.
6131481 Donnell, Joseph Woodhouse, Fethard.
6131042 Donoghue, J. Coolbawn, Fethard.
6131783 Donovan, Mary Killusty, Fethard.
6132140 Donovan, Paul Byrneshill, Fethard
6131698 Doocey, Vincent Abbey Road, Fethard.
6131263 Doran, James Ballinard, Fethard.
6132128 Dorney, J. 64 Woodvale Walk, Fethard
6131865 Dougliss, Christopher Clonnacody, Fethard
6131937 Doyle, Andrew Friars Grange, Fethard.
6132102 Doyle, Rita 66 Woodvale Walk Fethard
6131109 Doyle, Sean Strylea, Fethard.
6131893 Duggan, Andrew Jnr. Cloran, Cloneen, Fethard.
6131403 Duggan Motor's, Main Street, Fethard.
6132259 Dunne, Michael Killusty, Fethard
6131628 Dunne, Raymond Kiltinan, Fethard.
6131725 Dwyer, Eamon Lisronagh, Fethard

please click on the first letter of the required surname below
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