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Outside Ireland: +353 52 (local number)

Phone Number Surname Street Town
6131705 A & B Interior Designs, Coleman, Fethard.
6131475 Ahearne, Joseph Main Street, Fethard.
6131265 Aherne, Michael Prospect, Fethard.
6132912 Allen, Agnus 2 The Green, Fethard
6132151 Allen, Joe Killusty, Fethard
6131759 Allen, Michael (Butcher) The Green, Fethard
6131155 Allied Irish Banks, Main Street, Fethard.
6131408 Allied Irish Banks, Main Street, Fethard.
6131882 (Fax) Allied Irish Banks, Main Street, Fethard.
6131101 An Post, Cloneen, Fethard
6131217 An Post, Main Street, Fethard.
6131401 An Post, Moyglass, Fethard.
6152156 Anglim, Eamonn & Mairead Lismoynan, Fethard.
6131734 Anglim, Joan 3 Ardvale, The Valley, Fethard.
6131252 Anglim, T. Ballinard, Fethard.
6132057 Anglim, Thomas & Finola Kilnockin, Fethard.
6131247 Archdeacon, A. Killerk, Fethard.
6131273 Augustinian Fathers, The Abbey, Fethard.
6131102 Avonmore Foods Plc. Coolmoyne, Fethard.
6131108 Avonmore Foods Plc. The Valley, Fethard.
6131488 Aylward, John Grove, Fethard.
6131754 Aylward, Sean Quartercross, Fethard.
6131939 Barbour, J. Ballyvaden, Fethard.
6132078 Barrett, E. Red City, Fethard.
6131844 Barrett, Frank Market Hill, Fethard.
6131864 Barrett, J. Market Hill, Fethard.
6131684 Barrett, John Brodeen, Fethard.
6131293 Barrett, Kevin (Upholstery) Main Street, Fethard.
6132280 Barrett, Michael Market Hill, Fethard
6131630 Barry, James Tullamaine, Fethard.
6131356 Barry, James F. Rathbritt, Fethard.
6131207 Barry, Michael J. Tullamaine, Fethard.
6131608 Barry, P. Curraghtarsna, Fethard.
6131136 Barton, Robert Kilbury Stud,Cloneen Fethard.
6131978 Bayard Ltd. (Mach.Importers) Coolmoyne, Fethard
6131701 Bed & Breakfast, The Gateway Rocklow Road, Fethard
6131260 Bergin, Denis & Teresa Kilbraugh, Fethard
6131307 Bergin, Veronica Magorban, Fethard.
6131182 Blake, Jeanette Cashel Road, Fethard.
6132117 Blake, Mce. Beechmount,Moyglass Fethard
6131971 Blake, S. Kilnockin, Fethard.
6131925 Board of Management, St.Patrick's School, Fethard.
6131861 Boland, Kevin Cloran, Cloneen Fethard
6131673 Boland, Thos. & Jos. Knockinglass, Killenaule Fethard
6131145 Bourke, John Tullamaine, Fethard.
6131618 Bourke, Martin Tullamaine, Fethard.
6131931 Bradshaw, Johanna Drumdeel, Fethard.
6132283 Bradshaw, Kevin 68 St. Patrick’s Place, Fethard
6131960 Bradshaw, Michael Congress Terrace, Fethard.
6132242 Breen, Louise 19 Woodvale Walk, Fethard
6131343 Brennan, Fr.Loughlin Moyglass, Fethard.
6131541 Brett, Alfie Rocklow Road, Fethard.
6131189 Brett, Malachy W. Tullamaine, Fethard.
6131220 Brett, Patrick Drumdeel, Fethard.
6131335 Bricknell, J.M.T. Tullow, Fethard.
6131425 Britton, Alan Cloneen, Fethard.
6131538 Britton, Frank Ballyhomuck,Cloneen, Fethard.
6131856 Broderick, Patrick Kilnockin Road, Fethard.
6131644 Browne, Joan 14 Woodvale Walk, Fethard.
6131760 Browne, Michael Woodhouse, Fethard.
6131236 Browne, Patrick Clonbrogan, Fethard.
6131852 Burke, Denis Cahir Road, Red City, Fethard.
6131623 Burke, Frances Farranshea, Fethard.
6131714 Burke, John Cloran, Cloneen, Fethard.
6131311 Burke, John (Plumber) Cahir Road, Red City, Fethard.
6131558 Burke, Margaret Crampscastle, Fethard.
6131799 Burke, Mike & Gemma Cahir Road, Red City, Fethard.
6131142 Burke Richard, Bridge Bar, Lower Main Street, Fethard.
6132286 Butler, Fintan 73 Woodvale Walk, Fethard
6131858 Butler, J. Tullow, Fethard.
6131272 Butler, J.V. Tullow, Killusty, Fethard
6131461 Butler, Noel Coolenure, Fethard
6131129 Butler, Patrick Saucestown, Fethard.
6131764 Butler, Thomas & Mary Coolenure, Fethard.
6131554 Byrne, A. Brodeen, Fethard
6131110 Byrne, Christina Killusty, Fethard.
6131420 Byrne, James Killerk, Fethard.
6131237 Byrne, Margaret Brodeen, Fethard.
6131518 Byrne, Michael Noel Killusty, Fethard.
6131581 Byrne, Patrick The Green, Fethard.

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