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The Nationalist Wednesday, April 25th 1894

Building a New Bank

But though Fethard is backward in one way, there is ample evidence that it is prospering considerably of late, especially since the district was made the headquarters of the Tipperary Hunt. House-building is becoming quite fashionable, and many shops and houses that were dilapidated some years ago have been considerably renovated or rebuilt altogether. Mr Gearon, the energetic hotel proprietor, has extended his already commodious premises by the addition of a handsome new house to the west of his establishment.

The premises at the sawmills on the river are being renovated. The but most important building of all is the new house that is being built for the Fethard branch of that flourishing concern, the Munster and Leinster Bank. It is on the site of the premises occupied for years by Surgeon Dentist McCarthy till gutted by a very destructive fire, which nearly destroyed the bank premises close by. Mr Walsh of Kilmallock is, I believe, the contractor. The men are at present laying the foundations. The building will be plain, but very substantial. This and other building undertakings in the town are giving a good deal of employment.

The Nationalist Wednesday June 20th 1894
The building for the new house for the Munster and Leinster Bank is progressing, and, when completed, will be a handsome structure.

The Nationalist August 25th 1894
Fethard has a board of town commissioners with an income from property and land, to be spent in the interest of the town, and presumably for keeping the streets in presentable condition. There was a fair there on Tuesday and a large one, yet will it be credited that on Thursday evening of all the nuisance and mud generated, not a particle had been removed off the streets or channels. I do not know who is responsible, but I met several visitors and inhabitants who complained of this state of things. In Clonmel before the last of the cattle are off the fair, the streets are thoroughly cleaned. Why could not Fethard get a horse-gear brushing machine, the manure collected should pay the cost.

If the foregoing is unsatisfactory it is agreeable to notice the fine new branch office of the Munster and Leinster Bank built on the ruins of the burned down premises of the late chairman of the town commissioners, Mr. Dentist McCarthy now in Australia. It is a very handsome, airy, and spacious structure and highly creditable to the public spirit of the Munster and Leinster directors and their local agent. These old premises will probably be let and the rent will more than cover the interest of the expenditure, thus benefiting the company while in a marked manner adding to the appearance of this good old town.

Mr. McCarthy whose premises are opposite the Catholic church and leading men in other parts of the town are also pushing forward improvements.

Mr. R. Crilly was the manager of the Munster and Leinster bank in Fethard.

Stabling to Let.
Eleven good loose boxes, 2 saddle rooms and a coach house. Rooms for servants if required. Held season ‘92/’93 by Captain Douglas Baird 10th Hussars and Mr. Freemantle, The Guards. Entrance facing barracks. Apply to P.J. Lonergan, Fethard.

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