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Fishing has now resumed on most of club waters.
Ring 052 54675 or 052 21105 for further information.

Chairman: Tom Fogarty 052 54675
Secretary: David Grant 052 21105
Treasurer: Matty Fleming 052 52369
Members: Tom Sayers
Jim Sayers
George McGrath
Tony Quigley
Norman Regan
William McGrath

Anyone wishing to join the club should contact any of the above.


Members of Fethard and Killusty Angling Club photographed at the weigh-in at Kiltinan Gate following their 'Spring Competition' for the Pat O’Shea Cup (30th anniversary of the competition this year) which took place 0n Sunday 30th April 2000. Front L to R: Tom Fogarty, David Grant, William McGrath, Mattie Fleming and George McGrath. Back L to R: Ciarán O'Connell, John O'Connell, Paddy Prendergast, Stafford Kent, Jim Sayers, Norman O'Reagan, Tony Quigley, Michael Fogarty, Liam Boland, John Fleming, Denis McGrath, John Sayers and Tom Sayers.The winners were: 1st George McGrath (4 trout weighing 2lb 11oz), 2nd William McGrath (7 trout weighing 2lb 7oz), 3rd Mattie Fleming (4 trout weighing 1lb 7oz). In the junior section Ciarán O'Connell came first with a catch of 1 trout weighing 7oz, and second was John Fleming with 1 trout weighing 4oz.

At present we are putting up new stiles, from Thorny Bridge up to Loughcapple Bridge this work was well under way but the ‘Foot and Mouth’ scare has meant work on this has been put on hold for awhile. When things return to normal (please God) we would ask all members to finish this very important job as it will make crossing ditches and dykes much easier. It should also please the landowners to see us, as a club, are making an effort to maintain bounds ditches and make crossing much safer for everyone involved.

No competition dates have been set as yet. When they are, they will be advertised in The Nationalist under the Fethard notes.


  1. The aims of the Angling Club shall be to promote and delevope fishing in the locality and to encourage respect for landowners property.

  2. The management of the club shall consist of a Chairman, Secetary, Treasurer and a committee to be elected at the A.G.M. All officers must be paid - up members and only paid-up members may vote at the A.G.M. Five members may form a quorum for Committee meetings.
  3. Where the Committee is satisfied of misconduct in any form, they shall have the power to disqualify the said person from any membership or card. The Committee will accept responsibility for such action and will notify the treasurer of their decision.

  4. Should any emergency arise or any matter not covered, the Committee shall have the power to deal with same.

  5. Club waters can only be fished with fly rods and fly’s only.

  6. Trout measuring nine inches from tip of head to end of tail can only be kept.

  7. A bag limit of six trout applies any trout caught after this must be released.

We would like to ask all our members to practise catch and release this year and in future years to try and maintain the stock of wild brown trout that is in our river. The last thing we want is to have to stock our river with farm reared fish. I am sure this doesn’t appeal to any angler who has caught truly wild browns, so lets make the effort, it will benefit both us and the fish in the future.


Fethard to New Bridge.

Fishing on this stretch of water depends greatly on water levels, a dry summer and you will be confined to fishing the deeper pools, a wet summer and good fishing can be had along all of this stretch.

New Bridge to Thorny Bridge.

From where the Little Anner meets the Clashawley to form what we refer to as The Anner, to me is the cream of fishing on club water’s, fast broken water running into deep slow pools. Brilliant dry fly fishing excellent nymph fishing and wet fly fishing a fisherman’s dream come true right under the foot of Slievenamon.

If you do intend to fish the Clashawley or The Anner sometime, here are some of the best patterns to use.
Dry Flies.- B.W.O. Red Quill . Greenwells. Phesants tail. Pale watery. Hawthorn. Nymphs. Gold head hares ear, Gold head pheasant’s tail.


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