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Monday 9th January 2006

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Community Dinner Dance on Friday 13th January

Fethard & Killusty Community Council committee who are organising the 30th Anniversary Dinner Dance in Fethard Ballroom on Friday 13th January. Back L to R: Paddy McEvoy, Brian Sheedy, Ger Manton, Thelma Griffith, Peter Grant, Diana Stokes, Liam Hayes, Joan Donohoe, John Barrett. Front L to R: Marie Murphy (PRO), Joe Kenny (Chairman), Edwina Newport (Secretary) and Jimmy Connolly (Treasurer).

Now that Christmas has passed and we’ve settled into the start of the New Year, we can look forward to a great nights entertainment in Fethard Ballroom at the Community Council’s 30th Anniversary Dinner Dance on Friday 13th January. The night promises to be a special occasion not to be missed with the big band sound of Opus 1, and a full meal catered by Mark from Fairway's Restaurant at Slievenamon Golf Club. Tickets are €35 each and are available from any member of the committee or from Newport’s Newsagency on Main Street.

Fethard Irish Countrywoman’s Association
Best wishes to all our members for a very happy and peaceful 2006 and we hope to see you all at out first meeting of the New Year on Tuesday 10th January at 8pm in the ICA Hall, Rocklow Road. Hostesses on the night are the ‘Blue Group’. For our social half-hour we will hold a table quiz which should be good fun and help us get back into action after the festive season.

Our Christmas Party was held this year at the Slievenamon Golf Club on 13th December and everyone present enjoyed the night.  The food was great and the music was supplied by the ever popular Joan O’Brien which was fantastic and got us all out on the floor until after midnight.

The members of Fethard ICA Guild would like to express their deepest sympathy to our President, Nuala Delaney, on the death of her brother Frank Costello who was buried on 17th December in Ballyea, Co. Clare.

At our November meeting votes of sympathy were passed to Hannie Leahy on the death of her daughter-in-law, Tess Leahy; to Joan Heffernan on the death of her brother Nicholas Bergin; and to Mary Lucey on the death of her brother Bobby Power. May all four rest in peace.

Annual Emigrants’ Newsletter

Helping to prepare the Emigrants' Newsletter for posting are L to R: Tony O'Dwyer, Brian Kenny, Rory Walsh, Daniel Hickey and Shamie Hickey.

The Annual Emigrants’ Newsletter has now been posted free of charge to all emigrants on our mailing list throughout the world. We are delighted with the good response received from this years issue and copies are still available for sale in local shops. This year’s issue is printed in full colour, bigger and better with 196 pages, and costs €10.

L to R: Shannon Hickey, Mandy Lonergan, Monica (Kenny) Hickey, Marion (McCarthy) O'Connor and Margaret (McCarthy) O'Donnell.

L to R: Brendan Kenny and Eddie O'Brien.

Christmas Day ‘Goal Mile’ scores well
Christmas Day in Fethard displayed a lot of unusual activity on Main Street with over one hundred people turning out to participate in the ‘Goal Mile’ walk in support of the international humanitarian organisation Goal. Fethard was one of forty-two locations to host a Goal mile in Ireland, the nearest one in County Tipperary being Limerick Junction. Many of the Clonmel participants who took part in Fethard actually expressed their surprise that a ‘Goal Mile’ was not organised in Clonmel. Maybe Fethard have set a good example that will be followed up next year!

The organisers in Fethard were delighted with the turn out in Fethard and are happy to report that a total of €1,739 was collected on the day. They would also like to thank newly elected GAA South Board Chairman, Miceál McCormack, for being the ‘sports personality’ on the day and signed all the certificates issued on completion of the walk. We also noted quite a few participants togged out for the event and who ran the course — maybe anxious to get back in time for Christmas dinner!

Recent death
The death has occurred in Manchester of Desmond Ward, formerly of Woodvale Walk, Fethard. Removal from McCarthy's Funeral Parlour to Holy Trinity Parish Church at 7pm on Monday 9th January. Requiem Mass at 11am on Tuesday followed by burial in the Old Cemetery, Ballingarry.

Fethard Open Coursing Club
Fethard Open Coursing Club will hold a meeting on Friday 6th January in the Tirry Centre, Barrack Street, at 8.30pm.  All members are requested to attend.

Sad News for Long Rider Steve

Steve O'Connor and Murphy photographed in Fethard in 2004 with his two sisters, Elma Khareghani (left) and Patricia Clear.

Steve sent us this piece of news in relation to the death of his horse and long-time travelling companion 'Murphy'.

"I got a call on Tuesday morning 27th December from my friend’s son, to say that there was a problem with Murphy. I knew it was serious because they offered to come and collect me in their car. I said there was no need I would probably get there quicker on my bicycle. I rushed out to the farm and found Murphy jammed between some tree trunks on a slight slope. At first I was shocked to see him, then I thought, once we got him free and back on his feet he would be fine.

He was lying on his side he must have been there for some considerable time; he was covered in sweat and very distressed. After considering the best way to attempt to get him freed, we decide we would have to use a saw. We decided to call a vet to sedate him first, my friends made the call I was kneeling holding his head in my lap talking to him, when suddenly his breathing became very shallow, it was then I realised he was in serious trouble, within minutes he was gone, I was powerless to prevent his passing. A few minutes later the vet arrived and pronounced him dead. His verdict was that he died of Colic.

He died within ten minutes of me getting there it was as if he was waiting for me to come to him, I was not able to save him. I have not felt such desolation since the death of my parents; he has been such a big part of my life for the past three and a half years. Because of him my life has been changed for ever, doors have been opened that otherwise would not have been. I have met so many lovely people during our treks.

I am a member of The Long Riders Guild and a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He was a unique horse in my eyes, mainly for putting up with me and my moods, and helping me survive our treks in 2002, 2004 and 2005.

I have tried to do things as natural as possible with him, I got rid of his bit from the start, in June 2005 he went bare foot, it was a success I am glad to say. I even rode him bare back for four months in 2004, while his saddle was been repaired. He never threw me in all the rides we have had together. He had a gentle disposition; I was never worried when he was around young children. Three years ago we were asked if we would do rides at a local school’s open day, it was a very hot day, he behaved impeccably.

I have a draft of a book about how I went to Spain in 2002 and found him, then trekked three thousand kilometres back to my home in Penzance. I hope to finish it this year; it would be a fitting memorial to him."

Class of '85 Reunion
Michael Barry send us this collage of his photographs taken at the Class of '85 Reunion held in Lonergans Bar on 27th December. We hope to have a photo gallery of all the photographs taken by Michael and Ray Looby on the site shortly.

With the White Heathers
Followers of the White Heather Harriers were given an excellent chance to get rid of the extra Christmas calories if they were inclined to foot it over hill and dale with some great hunting over the Christmas period.  From the St. Stephen's Day meet in Drangan hounds had two very good runs.  Finding in Glenmuicaduibhe they ran over Kylenagranagh to O’Hallorans right handed to the big plantation at Tullicussane and down to the Drangan-Cloneen road.  Hiking it all the way back to Capnagrawn hounds found immediately below the Bridge.  Running almost to the Cloneen-Mullinahone road they ran without a check to the plantation.  Drawing at the old Graveyard this good fox seemed to be heading back towards where he was found when they lost him.  The distances covered on St. Stephens Day may not look much on paper, but covered on foot over ditch and drain believe it they are far enough.

The same may be said of the day from Ballylusky on Sunday last.  Following a nice hunt from the Fort by Lar Noonan’s featuring some excellent hound work the day concluded with another good hunt from the Glen at Ballyluskey.  Finding here hounds got their fox away on the left hand side running parallel to the Ballyluskey-Killenaule road towards Kilkennybeg they turned left and ran with good cry to Ruttles.  Hunting through this big covert they marked their fox to ground on the far side after a run of some forty minutes.  Next Sunday meet is at Ballingarry at 11am.

Christmas on Bondi Beach

This photograph was taken on Christmas Day of John Fitzgerald, Marie O'Connell and William Delaney having a scorching time on Bondi Beach in Australia.

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