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Monday 14th March 2005

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Badgers AGM
The 'Badgers' over 30 sports and social club (soccer) will hold their annual general meeting on Friday 18th March at 8pm. The meeting will be held in the lounge of Butler's Bar, Main Street, Fethard, where we hope members will make a night of it and make up for the missed Christmas party. Up to now we've had some great competitive games played indoor at Monroe, but with spring in the air and summer around the corner, it's time to make the move outdoors again and use the Community Sportsfield on the Killenaule Road.

All are invited to our meeting on Friday night, especially those of you who have been waiting for softer ground and open air. New members are always welcome.

Country Markets
The Country Markets Ltd will hold their 'Easter Market' on Holy Thursday, 24th March, at the Town Hall from 8am to 11am.

Died Recently
We record the death of Dick Wall, Tullamaine, who died on Friday 11th March at St. Laurence's Nursing Home, Mockler's Hill. Remains will leave McCarthy's Funeral Parlour at 7pm on Sunday 13th March for Holy Trinity Parish Church, Fethard. Requiem Mass at 11am on Monday followed by burial in Calvary Cemetery, Fethard.

Changing Times

A line of carts at Abbey Street Fethard waiting to unload their churns of milk at Fethard Creamery in the early 1900s.

“You wont get a pint in this town for a few hours yet, ye had best travel farther”, the man on the street in Ballingarry told the tourists who had travelled to the village to watch the hunt go by. Fethard was their best bet as a few of the pubs still opened their doors at 10.30 in the morning to cater for the early drinkers.

A thriving social scene once existed in Ireland in the mornings. This was when the farmers had still to bring their milk to the creamery each day. A line could be seen each morning, stretching from the platform in front of the building that held the milk, running across the courtyard of the creamery and out the gates past Ned Maher’s shop. This line, in an era of small farmers, consisted of every form of transport. There were tractors with large trailers, cars with smaller ones, horses pulling traps and cars pulling up with their contents sticking up out of the boot. A few had specially designed milk trailers, but the majority carried their milk in churns. Very few would turn up with just one churn. The milk would be divided between two, even if one was enough. Nobody liked to be seen as that small a farmer. A hose sucked the milk into tanks once a sample had been taken by Paddy Murphy to determine the quality of the product.

Business done, the farmers made their way up town to collect the papers and head for a drink. The same farmers met in the same pubs each morning for a half one and a small bottle. This passed the time while the wife was getting the groceries. It gave the farmers time to catch up on both the farming news and whatever other news was going.

The arrival of the milk lorry ended this social life. Milk was now collected daily on the farm. A few of the older generation continued to go for the morning ritual, but as time went by and these men passed on, the ritual died. And with it died the need for most places to open in the morning. As the tourists found out that morning in Ballingarry. It marked another change in the evolution of our lifestyle.
(N Gawe)

Award for Amy

Amy Lyons, Fethard, photographed with pop group 'Final Four' at the presentation of the MS Readathon Awards which were held in the Conrad Hotel Dublin on the 2nd March 2005.

Fethard Bridge Club
We played for the Club Championship over three nights on the 9th, 16th and 23rd February and the results will be announced at our President’s Prize-giving in May. On Wednesday 2nd March we played for sponsored prizes and the results were:
1st Gross: Teresa Cummins and Alice Quinn.
2nd Gross: Berney Myles and David O’Meara.
3rd Gross: Kay St. John and Rita Kane.
1st Nett: Annie O’Brien and Marie Delaney.
2nd Nett: Anna Cooke and Bernie O’Meara.
3rd Nett: Brigid Gorey and Betty Walsh.
Next Wednesday, 16th March, we will be playing for Easter Prizes. Anyone looking for a partner contact Annie O’Brien, Tel: 052 31862.

Fethard & Killusty Community Lotto Results
The numbers drawn in the Fethard & Killusty Community Lotto on Tuesday 8th March were: 15, 23, 27 and 29. There was no Jackpot winner and two ‘Match 3’ winners who received €75 each:
Jim Keane, Knockelly, Fethard
Eleanor Cummins, Everardsgrange, Fethard
The three €50 Lucky Dip winners were:
Ned Connolly, Garrinch, Fethard
Patsy Lawrence, Woodvale Walk, Fethard
Stephanie Moore, c/o A.I.B., Fethard.
Next weeks Jackpot remains at €10,000 and the Jackpot sellers prize is €1,000.

Fethard & Killusty Anglers
The Annual General Meeting of the Fethard & Killusty Anglers Club took place on Friday night, 4th March, and the following officers were elected for the coming year: Tom Fogarty (chairman), David Grant (secretary) and Mattie Fleming (treasurer). Membership fees for the coming year were set at €20 for adults and €10 for juveniles. The fishing season on the Clashawley and Anner rivers opens on St. Patrick’s Day, 17th March. The first competition will take place on Sunday 24th April at Kyleavalla Bridge for the ‘John Sayers Cup’, ‘Tom O’Shea Cup’, ‘Jack O’Donnell Cup’ and the ‘Eddie O’Neill Cup’. For further details about joining or competitions, contact Tom Fogarty Tel: 052 54675 or Mattie Fleming Tel: 052 52369.

Spring Sunshine

Enjoying the recent sunshine by Fethard Town Wall are L to R: Jessica Kenny, Bríd Coleman and Megan Kelly. (Photo by Laurence Kenny).

Died Recently
The death has occurred of Mr Patrick ‘Paddy’ Leonard, Passage West, Co. Cork, and formerly of Rocklow House, Fethard. Interment took place at St. Mary’s Cemetery, Passage West.

The death has occurred in London of Mrs Kathleen Morris, formerly Kathleen Mulcahy of Kerry Street Cross, Fethard. The late Kathleen Morris-Mulcahy, aged 85, was the last surviving member of her generation of a very old Fethard family. Another of Fethard’s long line emigrants to pass to their eternal reward in recent years, she was interred in London where she resided for over 60 years.

The death has occurred at Rathkeevin Nursing Home on Friday 4th March, of Mrs Frances Frewen, Tullamaine. Interment took place at Calvary Cemetery.

The death has occurred in England of Mr James ‘Jim’ O’Meara, formerly of Coolmoyne, Fethard. The late Jim O’Meara will be well remembered by patrons and players of the Coolmoyne Ball Alley. A stylish two-handed player, he was a top class exponent of the old Irish three-wall ball court game. He engaged in many hard-fought tussles with other contemporary players such as Jack Wall, Jim and Dermot Barry, and the late Stephen O’Brien, especially when there was a few hard earned shillings wagered on the result. Interment took place in England.

Bernadette Morris (nee O'Gorman) from New York has informed us of the death, on December 16, 2004, of her father Richard O'Gorman, who was born in Fethard. The funeral services were held in Saugerties, New York, US.

Welcome to Fethard Dinny

Dinny Flynn, a son of the late Mick Flynn from The Green, Fethard, is photographed above while home on holidays from Surrey, England. Dinny visits Fethard every year and is a great supporter of the Annual Emigrant's Newsletter.

John Mandeville
The Garda sergeant stood at the door of the pub with the patrons in a single line inside. The premises should have been cleared an hour previous, so he decided to take the names of the remaining found-ons. A scatter had ensued when he was spotted at the door with his notebook and pencil out and ready for action. The locals knew the territory outside the back door down towards the river and across the sewerage pipe to the valley. A few were gone before the young guard accompanying the sergeant got to the rear exit to block it off.

“What name are you giving?”, asked one man of another in the queue. “John Mandeville”, he replied. “You can’t use that one”, said the first man, “I’m using it”. The queue shortened and soon the man was in front of the guard. “Do you realise that you are on a licensed premises after hours?”, asked the sergeant. “Yes guard”, replied the man. “You realise then that this a serious offence. I am going to have to take your name and address and you will be summonsed to appear in court”. The man nodded his head.

“Name please”, asked the sergeant. “John Mandeville”. “Address”. “The Square, Mitchelstown, Co Cork”. “ Right then, you can expect a summons in the post. Next”. He finished taking the names of the remaining patrons, gave the publican a telling off and said that they would meet in court. After he had departed, a knock came on the back door. It was opened to reveal two of the punters who had escaped out the back. They were soaked from head to toe. They had missed the pipe across the river and hit the water instead. They went out the front door and squelched their way home. John Mandeville didn’t mind his name being given to the Gardai. He is long dead, but a statue of him remains in the square in Mitchelstown with his hand out, ready to receive the numerous summons that come his way each year.
(N Gawe)

Cromwell and Fethard
There does still exist in Fethard a copy of the terms of the surrender of the town to Mr Oliver Cromwell. The terms set out were very fair to the citizens provided certain not too difficult terms to observe were also met. The original copy of the document, signed by Cromwell’s own hand and by the then Provost of Fethard, Pierce Butler, was held in Grove House, Fethard.

One slight flaw in the “funerals not going through Barrack Street tradition”, wherever the dear departed were heading for, it certainly was not Calvary Cemetery, as there is almost a three-hundred years gap between the opening of Calvary Cemetery and Cromwell shaking the dust of Fethard from his feet. Maybe the funerals were heading for Cooleagh or Peppardstown.

There is another very interesting local legend concerning the visit of Cromwell and graves. Cromwell came to Fethard from Cahir and on his way, sacked the monastic settlement at Moorstown Abbey, the ruins of which are still standing. Nearby at Mocklerstown House resided seven Mockler brothers. By some manner or means, the seven Mocklers got offside with Cromwell and he duly had the seven brothers hanged and they were buried near their dwelling place. We were telling the above legend at an early morning meet of the Tipperary Foxhounds when Pat O’Brien, present Huntsman of the Tipps, added this most interesting sequel to the story.

Following the purchase of Mocklerstown House and lands by Mr John Ronan, Pat as a youth was engaged in re-construction work at the house. During excavation work a number of stone slabs, obviously grave slabs, were unearthed. The late Mrs Ronan gave instructions that the slabs were to be buried with respect and they were re-interred in a raised dais in front of the house. They are probably still there to the present day. Did the mark the graves of the seven Moclair brothers?

We first heard the story of the Mockler brothers massacre from Miss Mai Hanly of Moorstown House, who died at Fethard Sacre Coeur Nursing Home, aged 93, a few years ago. (E.A.N.)

Looking for family
My name is William Gleason (email: supmom61@yahoo.com), from New York. I am 49 years old. I am looking for family of both my parents who were both born in Fethard in the Diocese of Cashel.

My father's name was Michael J. Gleeson, born 21st March 1900 and he died 13th February 1970. Some of his siblings names were Paddy, Nora and Mary that I know of. I would be looking for descendants of these siblings.

My mother's name was Margaret Needham, born 25th June 1928 and she died 31st May 1981. I believe she was from a little townsland in Fethard called Friarsgrange.

Some of her siblings were Sarah and Jim. I would be looking for descendants of these siblings.

My parents left Ireland together in 1950 and never went back. I am trying to plan a trip to Ireland and would like to meet any relatives that I have. Any help that you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Bill Gleason.

Bill Quirke

Senator Bill Quirke (left) photographed before moving off for a day's hunting in the early 1950s.

The tribute to the late Bill Quirke, marking the 50th anniversaries, revives many memories of his very strong Fethard connections. The late Bill Quirke who in addition to residing at Ballinard Castle, also lived for a time in Burke Street. Maybe some older residents will recall the period. Also his daughter Elizabeth, as a very young pupil, attended the Presentation Convent.

The stories concerning Bill Quirke, especially his gift of repartee and quick reply, are still often recalled. A typical example:

At an auction of furniture in a local Manor House, a ‘La Bouls Table’ (even money black and red, 5 to 1 blue, 8 to 1 yellow, etc.) was discovered. “Any bid, any at all for this item?” None was forthcoming. “Come on, surly it must be worth something to someone?”

Fr Hogan, who was present, thinking it would be useful for fundraising at local carnivals eventually said, “Five shillings!” Quick as a flash Bill stopped, looked down at His Reverence and said, “Which colour do you want it on Father?”

Mr P.J. Brady of ‘Brady for Bikes’ fame in Clonmel was going ahead in leaps and bounds, business wise, during the war years when the whole country was on two wheels. Rumours were circulating that other business connections were associated with his huge success. Another business man asked Bill Quirke straight out one day, “Is it a fact that the Jews are behind Brady?” to which came the instant reply, “They are, a long way behind!”

Bill Quirke took the anti-treaty side in the terrible Civil War of the early 1920s. One day, the story goes, he came face to face with Larry Clancy, a neighbour from Drangan who was on the pro-treaty side. Both of them were armed. Bill is alleged to have defused what might have been a serious situation by saying, “Larry, if I shoot you or you shoot me, there is not much in that for either of us, so why don’t we both have sense and go home?”

That was surely his future statesmanship of the highest order showing in Bill Quirke. What a pity that so many problems amongst Irishmen today cannot be solved in such a common sense manner.

Bill Quirke, while out hunting with the Ward Union Staghounds, died participating in a sport he dearly loved. His connection with local hunting may not be so widely known. He was very much involved with James O’Shea, Milestone, and Jim Shee, Tubber, in the White Heather Harriers, a pack still going strong today. The hounds were kennelled at Ballinard for a term and a big event in their hunting year was the St. Stephen’s Day Meet in Cloneen. The meet is recalled in a local ballad which says, “Roche brought on the hounds and Bill Quirke supplied the beer.” This refers to the tradition that Bill Quirke supplied a quarter cask of beer in Cloneen and the contents of which all present were welcome to sample.

Elizabeth Lovart-Dolan, the late Bill Quirke’s daughter, has in her possession in Dublin a hunting horn belonging to the her late father inscribed, ‘White Heather Harriers 1930’.

William Corbett says in his excellent tribute to Senator Bill Quirke in last week’s Nationalist, “His death was as if he had chosen the circumstances.” He was most at home in the open space with a horse for his companion. His death was in accord with the life he loved best.
How difficult to realise that there are people in Ireland today with no understanding of hunting who say, that this part of our local way of country life for centuries, part of the freedom of choice that Bill Quirke fought for, is wrong and should be banned. Never let it be said.
Senator Bill Quirke and his association with Fethard is still well remembered and will be for many more years to come.

Best Wishes to Mandy
Best wishes to ‘Mandy’s Hair Saloon’ that officially opens for business in Burke Street on March 22nd. It is always great to see new business ventures opening on Fethard streets and we wish Mandy Hickey the best of success. She can be contacted at 087 9099816 for further details.

The Well Golf Society
A final reminder to all our members and future members that our first outing of the season takes place this coming Saturday, March 12th, at Mitchelstown Golf Club. Tee off time is 11 o'clock.  We ask you to arrive well in advance of tee off time and soft spikes are the order of the day.

Fethard GAA News
We wish the very best of luck to Michael Dillon on this Saturday 12th March when Tipperary play Waterford in the first round of the Under 21 Munster Football Championship in Fermoy.

Our under-21 B Football team have got a bye to the semifinals with Brian Borus and the winners of A, Clonmel Og v St Patricks Gaels and B, Ballyporeen v Ballingarry to be played weekend of the 20th March.

Senior football team will play Coolaclare (Clare) away in the Munster League on St Patricks Day 17th March having resumed training on the 8th March.

It was great on Sunday last to see the Meath team play Tipp in the National league on such a fine day for fast football and with all their big guns on display. We must give credit to our team for staying with them for so long with fitness coming to the fore in the second half. Well done to our four players who gave of there best.

Our intermediate hurlers are back in training on Thursday nights. All are welcome.

The County League Division 2 game against Clonmel Og takes place on Sunday 13th March in Fethard with time to be confirmed.

The County Board Draw is now coming to a close. The last two months will be drawn on the same night so we ask for all outstanding monies due to promoters to be paid well in time. Thank you for your support during the year.

Well done to the Community Field Committee for a great Dog Benefit Night in Thurles last Saturday 5th March and thanks to all in the GAA for their work and support in this success.

The Lotto Jackpot of €1,000 was not won. We had two match three winners of €75 each: Bob Maher (Barrack Street) and Tony McGarry (19 Woodvale Walk). The €50 Lucky Dip going to Paul Kenny (12 Woodvale Walk). The numbers drawn in Lonergans were: 5, 13, 19 and 24.

Our deepest sympathies are at this time with the Frewen family (Tullamaine) on the loss of their mother / grandmother Frances at this time. Go Ndeanai Trocaire Orthu.

Fethard Community Sportsfield Benefit Night
The Benefit night held in Thurles Greyhound Stadium on Saturday last, March 5th, in aid of the Fethard Community Sportsfield surpassed all expectations and was a tremendous success. The committee are sincerely grateful to all those who sponsored races, bought dogs, Advertised in the Race Card, bought buster tickets and raffle tickets, and those who assisted with ticket selling, etc., Special thanks to Liam Sweeney Bakeries, for his great donation to the catering and also to Superquinn, Hewitt & Hickeys Bakeries, Clonmel and to Joe Kenny and Fethard Community Council for all their assistance. To each and everyone of you who helped in any way a big "Thank You"   List of those who purchased dogs was published last week the following are details of the races, sponsors, and how our dog owners fared.

1st Race: Sponsored by Fethard Senior GAA, Fethard Rugby Club, Dr. Molly Owens Primus Ad. Won by: ‘Senor Lotto’, owner Lawrence Nicholson, Cahir, nominated by Dr. Carmel Condon and Gleeson Quarries, sold by Fintan Rice and Peggy Colville.
2nd Race: Sponsored by Michael Bourke, Electrician, Killenaule, Centra Fethard, Benetton, Butler’s Bar, Fethard, won by ‘Rackethall Abbey’, owner James McGrath, Nenagh, nominated by John Fitzgerald and Tom Joyce, sold by Fintan Rice and Fr. Breen.
3rd Race: Sponsored by Whisper View, Fethard Athletic Club, Gleneisk Products, Jimmy Hayes, Fethard. Won by: ‘Macbeth’, owner Liam Walsh (Waterford nominated by Canon James Power, sold by Fr. Tom Breen and Jerome Casey.
4th Race: Sponsored by A and B Design, Cross Stop Shop, Billy Prout, and Don O’Connell all from Fethard. Won by: ‘Dangerously Good’, owner Bernadette Delaney, nominated by Brendan Coffey and Fethard Senior GAA Club, sold by Fintan Rice and Gus Fitzgerald.
5th Race: Sponsored by Clonmel Oil, South East Scaffolding, Camas Park Stud AIB Fethard. Won by: ‘Practical Design’. owner Noel Gleeson, (Clerihan). nominated by South Tipperary Community Games C.E. sold by Peggy Colville.
6th Race: Sponsored by Glenpatrick Mineral Water, Feery Upholstery, Fethard, O’Byrne and Halley, Vets. Ryan Bros. Argi. Contr. Coolmoyne. Won by: ‘Dance Raville’, owner Dermot Walsh (Lisronagh), nominated by Co. Tipperary Community Games sold by Peggy Colville.
7th Race: Sponsored by Dawn Fresh Foods, Slievenamon Golf Club, Michael Tabor, Templetuohy Farm Machinery. Won by: ‘Pub Fiction’ owned by BEST Syndicate Clonmel, nominated by John English Fabrications, Clerihan, sold by Peggy Colville
8th Race: Sponsors Derrick Smith, Padget Bloodstock, Bruce Shaw, Gardening World. Won by: ‘Safe Driver’, owned by Unlikely 4 Syndicate, nominated by Kiltinan Castle Stud, sold by Clem Murphy.
9th Race: Sponsored by McCarthys Hotel, Lords of the Ring, Spotless Drain Cleaning Bell Communications. Won by: ‘Ducksland Fawn’, owner Christy Fitzpatrick, (Tipperary), nominated by Des Hunt Grawn & Academy Lads Syndicate, c/o Primus, Fethard, sold by Michael O’Dwyer and Jerome Casey.
10th Race: Sponsored by Glanbia, Kiltinan Castle Stud, Kilknockin Construction and Aon Insurance. Won by: ‘Clune Pride’, owner Matthew O’Connell (Dublin) nominated by Eoin Walsh, Fethard sold by Sean Devaney.

Each of the winning nominators above qualified for a draw at the end of the night for €300 which was won by Mr Tom Joyce.

Winners of the Buster Draw for €600 were Joseph and William Morgan, Grangebeg, Fethard. Main feature was the Auction of an 18-week-old greyhound bitch by ‘Pacific Line’ out of ‘Ring around Sue’ which was very kindly donated by Mr Richard O’Connor, Cashel. There was a lot of interest in this lovely bitch who was bought by Tom Anglim, Kilnockin for €600. Signed Munster rugby jersey was purchased by Mr Clem Murphy, Kilnockin for €250.  Winners of the Raffle: Gain Puppy & Sapling feed, Jimmy O’Shea, Burke Street; Gain Record Breaker Feed, Paul Tierney, Bannixtown; Hennessy Brandy, Bobbi Holohan; Paddy Whiskey, Anthony O’Regan, Cork; Wine, Helen O’Dwyer; and a further bottle of Hennessy Brandy remains to be claimed by holder of blue strip of tickets Nos 106 -100.  Owner please ring 052 31906. Thanks to Thurles Track, Gain, to Eugene Cooney, to the very large number of people who attended and everyone who played their part in the success of this venture.

Community Games
All entries for Fethard & Killusty Area Art Competition will be collected in the schools on this Friday 11th March. Entries must be accompanied by fee of €2 and must have a community games theme. Age groups are: U/8, 10, 12, 14 & 16. Competitors must be under the age specified on 31st July and must reside in the area.

Glebe House (The Rectory) for Sale
The Glebe House (The Rectory), Fethard, with about 6.5 hectares / 16 acres, will be auctioned at 3pm on 11th April, in the Clonmel Arms Hotel, unless previously sold. Further details by clicking Stokes and Quirke

Located off a quiet country road with gate lodge and avenue to the house. The house and gardens are sheltered by mature beech trees and a high stone wall that runs along part of the road boundary. The reception rooms and principal bedrooms are bright and well proportioned with wonderful south-east facing views across the surrounding fields and woodlands towards Slievenamon. The property retains many of its original features including sash windows with original shutters, all in working order, pitch pine floors, a magnificent circular staircase and fine marble chimney pieces.

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