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Monday 28th February 2005

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Home Away From Home

Eamonn and Majella (Daly) Drea who leave Fethard and move to Lanzarote where they have purchased an Irish Bar 'The Golden Vale'.

Best wishes go to Eamonn and Majella Drea who are heading to the popular sunspot of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands to open an Irish Bar. Eamonn and Majella were treated to a ‘farewell party’ in Lonergan’s Bar on Friday 18th February, attended by their family members and many friends. Eamonn has over thirty years experience in the bar trade, most recently in Lonergans in Fethard where he has spent the last three and a half years.

Photographed at the farewell party are L to R: Eamonn Drea, Clodagh Nyland, Annette (Sheehan) O'Donovan, Marie (Daly) Nyland and Sinead Nyland.

Eamonn and Majella are offering a home away from home to Irish sun seekers spending time on the historic island. Their new bar is located in the Jardines del Puerto Centre. It is called, ‘The Golden Vale’ and is situated in the old town Lanzarote with views over the harbour. They hope to have the bar up and running by Easter, providing beer, food and music each day ‘till late at night. If you are in the area, pop in and say hello. You’ll be more than welcome.
(N Gawe)

Fethard & Killusty London Reunion
Mark this date in your diary for this year’s Fethard & Killusty London Reunion which will take place on Saturday 11th June 2005 at St. Anthony’s Parish Centre, Garratt Road, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 9AN. Flights still available at €1 each way from the Ryan Air website ( Further information from Paul Looby (email)

Died Recently
The death has occurred in Manchester of Mr Georgie Matthews, formerly of Kerry Street, Fethard. Sincere sympathy is extended to his sister Mrs Carmel Hannon, his brother Christy and Fethard relatives. Interment took place in Manchester.

Check, still being called after seventeen years

Gerry Fogarty calling out the numbers at the weekly Thursday night Bingo in the Abymill, now going for seventeen years.

The Abymill Theatre has hosted a huge variety of events since it opened its doors in 1988. These include plays performed by amateurs and professionals, musicals, bands of every description from bluegrass to big brass, from classical recitals to ‘battles of the bands’, storytellers, comedians and much much more. But one event has taken place almost every week since the doors opened seventeen years ago — Bingo.

The scene remains unchanged from week to week. The regulars turn up a few minutes before the 8.30pm starting time to purchase their bingo books. They then take their seats before the MC for the night appears onstage. He takes his seat beside the glass fronted drum that blows the numbered and coloured balls around. Around they bounce until they are plucked from an opening at the top. The man in charge of this task is Gerry Fogarty, who holds the record for appearances on stage in the Abymill, both as MC and as a senior member of the Fethard Players. He calls the numbers in a very professional manner and the patrons mark off their books. Many play more than one book at a time, which increases their chances of winning. As each full line and card is called by the players, the silence is broken in the theatre while the numbers are checked by Austin O’Flynn who roves among the crowd with his radio microphone. As soon as a line is verified, play resumes.

And on this goes each Thursday night. Some of the players have been coming since day one. Some of the young lads sitting up the back in their hoodies weren’t even born when the first session took place. All come to enjoy the night out and hopefully walk out with a few quid more than they arrived with. That’s what it’s all about!
(N Gawe)

World Weary
Once the buzz of meeting celebrities wears off, the job becomes just like any other. This became apparent when chatting to a Fethard man who is well used to meeting and interviewing those in the entertainment industry. Interviews are now limited to five-minute slots with the bigger stars, where the same old answers are trotted off to the media. When asked by friends about his meeting with one of Ireland’s most popular bands in the past week, he thought for a second and replied, “The buffet was great. I must say that the vegetable soup was very good”. Whatever happened to good old fashioned sex, drugs and rock and roll, or throwing televisions out of windows, or lighting up the odd guitar. Next time I suggest that he throws the vegetable soup at the band for his five minutes. Rock and Roll yeah! (N Gawe)

Fethard Killusty Community Games
Entries for boys and girls Art and Model Making Competitions will be taken up in all Schools on Friday 11th March. All entries must be accompanied by fee of €2. Age groups are as follows: u/8, u/10, u/12, u/14 in art events and u/10 and u/14 in Model Making. If you reside in the Fethard and Killusty area but go to school elsewhere, the Moyglass, Cloneen, and Lisronagh schools will be visited to collect pictures, or if one is living in any of the other surrounding areas and go to school in Fethard or Killusty, their entries will be taken up and passed on the to secretary of the relevant area.

Entries may also be handed in to the Community Games Office, Grove Road, on or before Friday 11th March. That is the closing date for area finals. The county finals will take place in Fethard Ballroom on Saturday 2nd April, which is very convenient for children in the locality. All entries must have a community games or sporting theme in order to qualify. Good Luck to all.

First Steps Playschool
First Steps Playschool, situated in the Tirry Centre, Barrack Street, Fethard would like to advise that they have limited places left and if you are interested in sending your child, please feel free to call in or phone Patricia Fitzgerald, Tel: 086 1580897 or 052 32164.

We offer a fun-filled, stimulating morning of activities for your child to participate in and we are open from 9.30am - 12.30 on Monday to Fridays, and we cater for children between 2yrs 10 months and 6 years. Please feel free to drop in at any time for a visit or a chat, we look forward to meeting you.

The Right Address
Whether we like it or not, our address is more important to other people than one might think. Certain addresses conjure up certain images. With the Celtic Tiger chugging along nicely, builders in the Dublin area were highlighted in the media in the past few months for trying to get certain parcels of land rezoned into a different area. The difference between living in Ballymuckratsarse and Mountsublime might only be a stone’s throw apart, but the price difference in the house could be tens of thousands. It’s complete rubbish but people still try to buy into the dream. Better area, better schools for the kids, all equals better life.

Consider the people who approached their friends, a Fethard couple who live in a horse steeped part of England, to help them out. As they were getting on in years, they began to think about where their final resting place may be. As both were (sorry, I should say are, as both are still alive), huge racing fans, they decided that they wanted to push up the daisies in the cemetery beside their favourite racetrack. They applied for a double plot in the particular cemetery only to be refused. They weren’t from the area, so they could go and get buried elsewhere.

Undaunted, they asked their Fethard friends if they could borrow their address and re apply. This they did, and a few weeks later they received their plot numbers. And they are now living happier knowing that they will rest in peace below the sacred turf, beside their favourite turf. Thanks to having the right address.
(N Gawe)

Progressive 25 Results
The results for the Progressive 25 game played on Friday 18th February are as follows. Winners on 10 games: Lory Byrne and Chas Keane, Sean O’Callaghan and Michael O’Brien, Mona Kinnane and Sheila Hall, Jim Kiely and Willie Tynan. Table prize: Chris Maher and Sean Spillane. Rubber finals: Esther and Vincent Phelan, Tom and Paddy McCormack, John White and Phyllis McGrath. Next game takes place in Fethard Ballroom on Friday 25th February at 8.30 sharp.

Senior Archaeologist for Fethard Talk
Mr Conleth Manning, a Senior Archaeologist with the National Monuments Service in Dublin, is coming to Fethard this coming Friday, 27th February, to talk on the subject of ‘Field Monuments of the Irish Countyside’ and in particular Tipperary. Mr Manning is a native of Co. Kilkenny so he is very familiar with Co Tipperary and all the rich heritage that can be found here.

Ireland is very lucky indeed to have inherited such a rich store of archaeological remains and ancient objects which are scattered across the countryside. It was our relative poverty and under-development that saved many of our monuments from being pushed aside and destroyed. Of course superstition and 'piseogry' also played a very valuable part in keeping the bulldozer at bay!

Contentious Issue
As everyone is aware, the whole issue of 'saving our past' is a very contentious issue now that the Irish economy is booming and building and development work is at an all time high. Many areas of development, for example, road building, house building, forestry, wind farming and, of course, farming itself, have to deal with the issue of our ancient landscape and it will be interesting to hear what Mr Manning has to say on the whole topic.

His talk will be of interest to a wide range of people such as, farmers, hill-walkers, local historians, students and in fact anyone who is interested in knowing more about the things that our forbearers built when they were 'developing' their own economy hundreds and thousands of years ago.

The talk, hosted by the Fethard Historical Society, starts at 8.30pm on this Friday in the Abymill Theatre. Admission is €3 and everyone with an interest is encouraged to attend.

A Rebel to a Royal!

Eoin Coffey and Jennifer Casey whose romance began in The Well Bar at the Culchie Festival in Fethard in 2001.

The Well Bar, October 25th 2001, an ordinary Thursday night in Fethard. Biddy, the festival matchmaker, and Brendan were busy acquainting the competition entrants with their escorts. Earlier that day Eoin Coffey had taken the trip to Tipp. in his unmistakable Passion Wagon to see what fun would unfold for the weekend. He informed the matchmaker that his ideal woman would 'have long legs and a narrow back'! Eoin was introduced to his escort Jennifer Casey who had come to Fethard for a bit of craic. An ordinary night no more - this encounter was to change their lives. On Saturday last February 19th, Eoin and Jennifer revisited The Well, this time as husband and wife.

Eoin, an agricultural contractor, hails from Enfield, Co. Meath. He is very active in his local community and is a loyal advocate of maintaining a strong community spirit in a rural area besieged by urban sprawl from nearby Dublin. He has been a leading member of Enfield Macra for many years and has been instrumental in many local and national fundraising events. In 2003 Eoin won the National Culchie Title.

Jennifer, a native of Kanturk, Co. Cork, has lived in Clonmel for a number of years. She was a member of Cahir Macra in the nineties and is well known in South Tipperary as the capable former manager of Clonmel Plant and Tool Hire. Jennifer is soon to move to Enfield as the new Mrs. Coffey.

The wedding ceremony took place in Killusty Church. This beautiful location was chosen not alone for its picturesque setting - it is about midway between Enfield and Kanturk; it is close to where love sprung into bloom for the bride and groom and I believe that there is a local who is intent on maintaining the age-old tradition of matchmaking on Slievenamon.

The venue for the wedding reception was Aherlow House Hotel and the honeymoon is being spent in Mexico. Congratulations to Eoin and Jennifer on their union and best wishes for a long and happy life together.

Conversation Stopper
The powers that be deem it an offence to drive with a mobile phone stuck to your ear, as it detracts from your concentration on the road. Almost as dangerous is the driver who enjoys telling a tale so much that the road is almost forgotten in favour of the story. An incident happened on the road from Fethard to Kilsheelan a number of years ago when a group of football supporters were travelling to a match. The driver got more animated as the story progressed, and as he did, he regularly turned around to include the passengers in the back in the conversation. The occasional nudge was applied from the passenger in the front when a head on collision needed to be avoided or to warn that the pedestrians approaching were rapidly scrambling up a tree to avoid the car.

And so the journey progressed. They car arrived at the Ormond Stores where it is necessary to stop before crossing the main Kilkenny Clonmel road. The teller of tales, at the wheel of the car, was deep into a story and had forgotten to come to a halt. Straight across the main road he went with his party of now terrified passengers. As they crossed the white line, a car charged by, missing them by centimetres. Everybody fell silent, realising that they had nearly all been killed. Even the talker had stopped. All remained quiet for a few minutes until the driver broke the silence. “Not a place”, said the driver in a cool calm manner, “to be hanging around”. And on he drove.
(N Gawe)

Fethard Man releases free 'Sheela na gig' game in London
Tom O’Donnell, originally from Grangebeg, Fethard, has released a freeware 2D shooter game for the PC. The game publicizes the actual theft of the Kiltinan 'Sheela na gig', from Fethard. The game, called 'TigerTom's Tipperary Showdown' is available for free download from his London Based business website:

"I like shoot-em-ups and wanted to make a game to publicize TigerTom.Com. Then I thought about where it should be set. As a native of Tipperary, the rest followed naturally", he said.
"The premise of the game is that the theft of the Sheela-na-Gig causes an alien invasion". The 'Sheela-na-Gig' is a real artefact, which was stolen from Kiltinan Church, Fethard, County Tipperary, Ireland in 1990. "Like the looting of Babylonian treasures in Iraq, removing ancient artefacts from their surroundings lessens their meaning. Someone, somewhere, maybe a wealthy American of Irish descent, has this artefact in their dining room. It doesn't belong there."

TigerTom said: "The game contains the original 'wanted' poster issued at the time of the theft. Our Sheela na gig in unique. Hopefully this game will help find it."

Fethard GAA Club News
The annual general meeting of Fethard Juvenile GAA Club takes place on this coming Thursday, 24th February, in the Tirry Centre at 8pm sharp. All are Welcome.

The County League Division 2 game against Solohead took place in Fethard on last Sunday. We started in a flourish winning most sectors to race into a half-time lead, Fethard 1-5, Solohead 0-4, playing against the wind with scores coming from John Leahy 1-2, John Fitzgerald 0-1, Paul Kenrick 0-1, and a point from a free by Brendan Brett.

At half time the Solohead management made a few changes and this transformed their whole team who went on to dominate the second half in all places on the field. Playing with more purpose in every movement in a seven-minute spell they put three goals on the scoreboard and by the end of the third quarter were ahead, Solohead 3-7 to Fethard 1-5. In the final quarter Fethard made substitutions, four in total, Paul Hackett, Richard Gorey, Paul Kenny and James Darcy coming on for Connie O’Flynn, Mike Kelly, Jamie McCormack and Alan Browne. Both teams scored three points in this period up to the final whistle with the final scoreline of, Solohead 3-10, Fethard 1-8. Fethard scores in this half came from Brendan Brett 0-2f, Kevin O’Donnell 0-1. Best players for Fethard were Glen O’Meara in goal, Brian Burke in the middle of the field and Brendan Brett up front. Team that started was as follows: Glen O’Meara, Connie O’Flynn, Diarmuid Burke, James Smyth, Mike Kelly, Darren O’Meara, Shane Walsh, Brian Burke, Jamie McCormack, Brendan Brett 0-3 F, Kevin O’Donnell 0-1, Alan Browne, Paul Kenrick 0-1, John Fitzgerald 0-1, and John Leahy 1-2. Our next game in this county league is against Boherlahan on Sunday 27th February in Boherlahan. Time to be confirmed.

Our Under 21 footballers play in the B Championship on this Saturday 26th February in Ned Hall Park at 4pm.

Lotto results for w/e 12th February. The Jackpot was not won. Numbers Drawn in Butlers were: 3, 4, 6 and 10. We had three match three winners who received €50 each: Denis O’Meara (51 St Patricks Plc), Ashley Breen (9 Barrack St), Catherine Kearney (The Green). The €50 Lucky Dip going to Chrissie O’Meara (The Valley).

Last week’s Lotto Jackpot of €2,700 was not won. The numbers were drawn at The Castle: 8, 12, 16 and 20. We had four match threes who received €40 each: Mary Thompson (2 Woodvale Walk), Esther Breen (9 Barrack Street), Ann McGarry (29 Woodvale Walk), and Tony Maher (56 Woodvale Walk). The €50 Lucky Dip going to Collette Bradshaw (52 Woodvale Walk).

Killusty Soccer Club
Tipperary Cup: Cashel Town 0, Killusty 2
With a place in the last eight up for grabs it was no surprise that both teams started a little cautiously, both defences were on top and chances were few. The deadlock wasn't broken until the fifty-fifth minute when Brian Coen finished off a fine move with a well-taken goal. Prior to this goal, our stand-in goalkeeper, Shay Coen, pulled off two fine saves to keep us in the game. With ten minutes left to play Karl Maher was first to react when the ball broke inside the six-yard box, he beat the keeper to the ball and cooly slotted home. We now find ourselves in the quarter final of the Tipperary Cup, an extended cup run would be the perfect end to what has been, a good season for the club.

Hunting News
The Ballylusky White Heather Harriers enjoyed quite a good day from their Lawn Meet at Priestown House, Drangan, on Sunday last. Priestown proved blank as also did Mullallys. A good fox from Gleanmuicadhí, however, provided a very good run. Crossing the old Dublin road our pilot swung left-handed across the Priestown road to Cappaghnagrane Glen. Running to the end of the glen he turned and attempted to re-cross the road at the bridge where he was headed. Hounds checked here but quickly righter themselves again. They pushed the fox out eventually at the far side where he swung left towards the first draw.

Charlie here did a long u-turn and wheeled right. Hounds were going really well at this stage and, in spite of the intervention of a few fresh outlying foxes and a small heard of six or seven deer near the finish, hounds hunted strongly to the big plantation behind Mullinahone Creamery where he was lost.

Receiving word that a brace of foxes disturbed during the run had returned to the glen, Donie made the long walk back, re-drew it and across the road but failed to find again. He then blew for home at 4.30pm after a most enjoyable day in glorious weather. The large numbers of followers wish to thank sincerely Fred and Evelyn for their generous hospitality prior to move off.

The White Heathers have changed the format of their annual draw this year. Instead of the usual tickets they are endeavouring to increase their monthly members and friends draw substantially for the month of March. They have increased the prize money considerably. Anyone wishing to support may do so through any committee member or card seller. Subscription is €5. The White Heathers meet next Sunday in Cloneen at 12 o’clock.

Fethard Coursing Club

Presentation of trophy of the Consolation Stakes at the recent Fethard Open Coursing Meeting L to R: Pat Cormack, Marie Roche and Willie Roche.

Presentation of trophy of the Consolation Stakes at the recent Fethard Open Coursing Meeting L to R: Tommy Shine, Michael Flanagan, Tom Cormack, Peter O'Sullivan, Pat Cormack, Paddy Hickey, Marie Roche, Willie Roche, Arthur Daly and Martin Fitzpatrick.

Presentation of the Pat Dalton Cup to winning owner of 'South Court', Pat Cunningham (Middleton). L to R: Peter O'Sullivan, Pat Cunningham, Pat Cormack, Tom Clifford, Michael Grimes (slipper), Arthur Daly and Paddy Hickey.



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