Saturday 29 October 2005

Halloween in Fethard
Fethard was a hive of activity over the Halloween weekend, and for many days before as well. Local publicans and businesses added to the celebration by decorating their shop windows and premises to a very high standard never seen before in Fethard.

Remembering back to when ‘pumpkins’ were turnips and to when it took you hours and many blisters to carve a hole in one, It was no wonder we didn’t get up to much devilment, as we didn’t have much time left for anything else. Some of the bigger lads did, however, manage successfully to purchase the odd rope of ‘Crow Bangers’ from the local Creamery, especially if they had farm or gardening connections. Those were the only few bangs heard at that time, and only on Halloween night. Most children had to settle for less excitement, maybe a small bonfire, not much bigger than a normal house fire, or pranks like tying lengths of thread across dark laneways to surprise the oncoming victims on their way home from church or shops. Back in those days I’m not sure what we were celebrating but we did anyway!

The custom of Halloween was brought to America in the 1840's by Irish immigrants and at that time, one of the favourite pranks was unhinging fence gates. The Jack-o-lantern custom probably comes from Irish folklore. As the tale is told, a man named Jack, who was notorious as a drunkard and trickster, tricked Satan into climbing a tree. Jack then carved an image of a cross in the tree's trunk, trapping the devil up the tree. Jack made a deal with the devil that, if he would never tempt him again, he would promise to let him down the tree.

Fethard Coursing Club
A meeting of Fethard Coursing Club will take place in the Tirry Centre on Friday 4th November at 8pm.  All members are asked to attend.

Fethard Bridge Club
The results for our competition on Wednesday 26th October were:

1st Gross: Brigid Gorey and Betty Walsh
2nd Gross: Rita Kane and Kay St. John

1st Nett: Carmel Condon and Alice Quinn
2nd Nett: Joan Kelly and Anna Ryan

On Wednesday 9th November we will have a charity night for the National Council for the Blind and on Wednesday 16th November we will play for prizes donated by honorary life members, John and Anne Lucey.  Bridge lessons continue in the Tirry Centre, Barrack Street on Monday nights at 7.30pm. Anyone looking for a partner for Wednesday night, please contact Annie O’Brien at Tel: 052 31862.

Cemetery Rosaries for November
Parishioners are asked to remember their dead by praying the Rosary in our local cemeteries during the month of November.  On Sunday 6th November the Rosary will be recited in the Abbey Church at 3pm and Everardsgrange at 3.30pm.

Annual Newsletter
We would like to thank everyone who supported and helped at the Church Gate Collection in aid of the Annual Emigrants’ Newsletter last weekend.  A total of €1020 was collected which will go towards the production of this year’s issue.

With the White Heathers
The Ballylusky White Heather harriers Foot Pack held their opening meet in Drangan on Sunday 30th October.  Despite the local St. Patrick’s junior football team being engaged in the South Junior Football final, there was a great turn-out of followers and supporters who enjoyed a very good days hunting.  Knockroe proved blank but a fox from Mullally’s Gorse, which left on the top after some excellent covert hunting, crossed the Convent Lane and ran to the big plantation at Tullicussane where hounds were stopped.

Hounds quickly found again at the top of Gleannmuicaduibhe.  They hunted this fox up and down the glen with great cry before pushing him out on the Dublin Road side where he got to ground in a double ditch.

A second fox from the glen was hunted down to Cappaghnagrane where Donie decided to call a halt to the day’s proceedings in rapidly deteriorating weather conditions.

Full marks to huntsman Donie Slattery on last Sunday’s performance. Disproving the theory that, “a bird never flew on one wing”, Donie, hunted the pack with one arm in a sling following a fall with The Tipps on Saturday. He did exceptionally well in getting the hounds away from Mullally’s in almost a gale force wind when hounds could hardly hear voice or horn.

The Ballylusky White Heathers meet next Sunday, 6th November, at Cloneen at 11am.

Died Recently
Sympathy is extended to Mr Paddy Grant, Canon Hayes Court, on the recent death of his brother Jerome Grant, Surrey, England, and formerly of Tullamaine.

The death has occurred in Dublin last week of Theodora Carpendale, formerly Theodora Fergus from Cashel Road, Fethard. Interment took place in Calvary Cemetery, Fethard.

Tribute to Huntsman Pat O’Brien
We have been given the enclosed ballad as a small token of appreciation to Tipperary Huntsman Pat O’Brien who retires at the end of the 2005/2006 season. Pat has given 40 years dedicated service to the Tipperary Foxhounds and to hunting.

The Ballad of Pat O’Brien

Today we pay a tribute to a hunting man sublime,

The huntsman of the Gallant Tipps, Tipperary’s Pat O’Brien.

For 40 years with that grand old pack, all hunting men he did inspire,

Now the end has come to his fine long run, he’s decided to retire.


The interest in the sport he loves, it never seems to wane,

His like o’er Tipperary’s fields, we’ll never see again.

On foot or horse through bog or gorse, he followed his own line,

With head held high straight on he’d fly, with heart and courage fine.


The tradition that you founded Pat, still ever lingers on,

From Ballagh’s banks to Ballingarry’s hills, and ‘round the slopes of Slievenamon.

Your help to friend and neighbour will be remembered by one and all,

As the hunting line of the clan O’Brien, is carried on by Paul.


So here’s to you Pat, what ere you do in the years that lie ahead,

On a hunting morn to hear the horn, you got us out of bed.

To stand with pride by a covert side and hear the glorious cry,

As we near the end, good luck old friend. It’s time to say goodbye.


We also wish the new man well, who ever he may be,

If he comes from home or o’er the foam, across the Irish Sea.

We hope the committee of their task they will not make a hames,

That they’ll see the light, and do what’s right, and give the job to James.

Fethard & Killusty Community Lotto
The numbers drawn on Wednesday 26th October were: 3, 4, 8 and 21. There was no Jackpot winner and two ‘Match 3’ winners who received €75 each:

Geraldine McCarthy, Kerry Street, Fethard.
Abigail Doyle, c/o Stephanie's Hair Salon.

The three €50 Lucky Dip winners were:

Jessica Moloney, 12 Congress Terrace, Fethard.
Mary Newport, Congress Terrace, Fethard.
Sonya Cullen, Clonoulty, Cashel.

Next weeks Jackpot remains at €10,000 and the Jackpot sellers prize is €1,000. The weekly draw will now take place on Wednesday mornings at 11am in Fethard Day Care Centre, Barrack Street. All are welcome to come along.

Fethard GAA Club News
The County Senior Football Final played in Cashel on Sunday last resulted in a great win for Ardfinnan, their eight county senior football title, on a scoreline, Ardfinnan 1-5 (0-2), Loughmore 1-4 (0-2).  Played under appalling underfoot conditions, a great game was served up by both teams and we congratulate Ardfinnan on bringing the O’Dwyer Cup back down South again.  This was Ardfinnan’s first county title in 31 years, the last in 1974 when they beat Fethard in the final on a scoreline, Ardfinnan1-6, Fethard 1-4.

It is appropriate that this year’s hurling champions, Thurles Sarsfield, last won their senior hurling county title 31 years ago.  Well done to Ardfinnan who now meet Nemo Rangers in the Munster Club Championship with Peter Lambert, who has now won a county medal in Tipp and also won a Cork county medal playing with Nemo Rangers some years ago. It was lovely to see the Ardfinnan senior football county winners team of 1962, 1963, 1964, honoured in Cashel on Sunday last.

Well done and congratulations to Paul Fitzgerald who was chosen to play on the Munster senior football team that lost to Ulster in Crossmaglen on Sunday last.

The Lotto Jackpot of €3,500 was not won. The numbers drawn in Lonergans were: 2, 5, 9 and 18.  We had three match threes winners of €50 each: Teresa Walsh (Ballypatrick), Dawn Cuddihy (75 Woodvale Walk), Chris Doyle (Woodvale Walk). The €50 Lucky Dip going to Tom Purcell (Burke Street).

Fethard Juvenile GAA Club
Training for the under-6, 8 and 10s was cancelled last week due to the bad weather. Next Saturday will be the last training session until after Christmas. The under-13 footballers played Commercials in Fethard last Sunday and were beaten by 2 points on a scoreline of 6 points to 4.  They will play Ardfinnan in Fethard this Thursday, 3rd November, at 7.30pm in the Community Field under lights. It would be great to see more support for these boys in the field.

Under-14 and 15 development squads in hurling are underway at the moment. Three players from the club are attending, Chris Sheehan, Dean Tobin and Eoin O’Connell. The football squads will be getting underway shortly.  On Thursday night last the Juvenile Club held their race night in McCarthys Hotel and everyone who attended had a great night. The club would like to thank most sincerely all who bought horses on the night, and to all the sponsors of the races, your support was very much appreciated. We also thank Liam Hayes of (Premier Hurleys) on sponsoring the race programmes for the night.  Stephen O’Brien and Johnny Looby for providing such great entertainment, and thanks also to Vincent Cummins and John Hurley, and all the committee members who helped on the night.

Finally a very special thank you goes to Tom Taff and Paul Shanahan who purchased a signed Munster Hurling Jersey for a very large amount, and to our amazement, auctioned the jersey again with the proceeds going to a local charity.  This display of generosity was very much appreciated. Thanks to everyone who supported our club during the year and on the night.

Parish Development & Renewal
Fethard Parish Development and Renewal commenced with a successful meeting in the Ballroom on Wednesday, October 26th. There was a very good attendance at this meeting, on what was a windy winters night, and the atmosphere was one of enthusiasm and hope, on what was a particularly difficult day for the Church.

Fr. Pat Burns and, Fethard’s own, Fr. Joe Walsh are presenting this programme. The meeting began with an introduction to the Programme and an outline of what will happen at subsequent meetings. This was followed by facilitated group discussions which urged parishioners to discuss changes they had observed in the Church; to determine their image of God and to explore if/how this image may have changed and to identify signs of hope for the future of the Church.

Fr. Pat Burns suggested a number of options available to us in dealing with change, which is inevitable.  He said that once change is acknowledged and embraced the necessary decisions can be make to move forward in a positive way — this is the essence of Parish Renewal. The meeting concluded with a few minutes of prayer and reflection.

Fr. Walsh, having the final word, said that he was very encouraged by the activities, generated by the Parish Renewal Process, which he had observed in his own Parish of Thurles that afternoon.  He also said that he was heartened by the attendance in the Ballroom and, on a personal note, he felt that, for him, the wheel had turned the full circle as two of his former teachers were now answering questions for him!

Housing Development Meeting
On Monday October 17th Fethard Community Council held a Public Meeting in conjunction with South Tipperary County Council to discuss the proposed housing development at Strylea. This meeting was chaired by Mr Ciaran Lynch, Tipperary Institute.  The panel consisted of Edwina Newport, Secretary, Fethard Community Council, Messrs. John Maloney and Ger Walsh, Housing, South Tipp. County Council and Mr Kevin O’Connor, Forward Planning, STCC.

Edwina Newport commenced proceedings with a presentation of the details of the submission forwarded to South Tipperary County Council by Fethard Community Council in relation to the development.  Ciaran Lynch informed the meeting that the proposal as it stands (20 houses and 10 sites) is currently with the planning section of STCC and will be considered in the same way as any other application. Accordingly, he stated that the staff members from the County Council would be unable to adjudicate on or determine the outcome of the planning process at this stage. 

Ger Walsh addressed the meeting.  He explained the reasons/need for the local authority to provide public housing and the regulations which govern these activities.  He outlined the current and anticipated demand for public housing in Fethard town and mentioned the various ways in which the Council can facilitate this requirement.

Ger concluded with an explanation of the Public Consultation Process, Part 8, of the Planning Process. The current proposal, which was advertised in the local press, and the resultant public discussion is indicative of this process. 

In order to explain specific details of the current proposal, John Maloney, presented the architects map of the development to the meeting.  He indicated the location of the houses and private sites, the current proposal, which constitute Phase I.  He informed the meeting that the additional houses and services on the map were an indication of how the remainder of the site may look if it were to be developed.

There were many concerns voiced at this stage of the meeting pertaining to the concentration of all public housing in the one area, the increased prevalence of anti-social behaviour and the lack of amenity/play areas in the town.  In relation to some of these issues, John Maloney, stated that as the current proposal is with the Planning Section any comment he would make would be superfluous.  However, he indicated that provisions could be incorporated in later developments and that the Council would be willing to negotiate/swop land with the owners of adjoining lands.

Questions were also raised regarding the numbers of applicants on the housing list for Fethard, the allocation procedure for houses and the anticipated increase of traffic in an already congested area.  It was asked as to how long this development had been in the pipeline, what provision was included in the Town Plan for it and as to how the recently re-zoned land to the north of the site might impact on the area?

Kevin O’Connor, addressing the meeting, showed maps of the area from the Fethard Town Plan 1999 and similar maps from the Local Area Plan 2005 which indicated a much larger area of land zoned for housing.  Many questions were raised as to how this whole area, including the link-road, will be developed and accessed.  Given the fact that the re-zoned land are in private ownership and that the Council do not know, at this stage, how the remainder of the site will be developed the meeting was unable to provide any answers.

This prompted the question as to whether the Council officials and representatives thought that they had enough information to make a decision in relation to the proposed development in the absence of additional information on the remainder of the site and the Master Plan area?

Ciaran Lynch, prior to closing the meeting, expressed the opinion that all of the issues raised had been included in the submission forwarded by the Community Council and as such are part of the planning process and will be considered.

Fethard & Killusty Community Council would like to take this opportunity to thank the personnel from South Tipperary County Council who were responsible for organising this meeting - Ms. Sinead Carr, Mr. John Quinn, Ms. Margo Hayes and Ms. Eileen Horgan.  Also, to John Maloney, Ger Walsh and Kevin O’Connor for their attendance and input on the night.  We would also like to express our gratitude to Ciaran Lynch for his involvement and assistance, his expert direction contributed greatly to the efficacy of the meeting.

Fethard Players Booking Opens
Booking for the Fethard Players production, ‘Tons of Money’, a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn adapted from the original by Will Evans and Valentine, has now opened at O’Flynns Menswear, Burke Street, Fethard, Tel: 052 31254 or 087 1338961. The play is produced by Austin O’Flynn and will run in the Abymill Theatre from 13th to 19th November, starting at 8.15pm. Admission is €12.  Family night on Monday 14th when all seats will be €10. There will be no performance on Thursday 17th November.


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