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Saturday 16th December 2000

Once again the Transition Year pupils have come up trumps with their annual musical production, this year Oliver. Voted by many neutral patrons as the ‘best yet’ of their eight successive efforts, the show was lively, buoyant, musical and most entertaining. Many of the week’s house full audiences attended for the second and in some cases, their third performance. One long time theatre goer was of the opinion that the front line at the final curtain would have done credit to any musical society in Tipperary.
What can one say of the producer teacher Marian Gilpin — maybe not a correct comparison, but if Marian turned her talents to racehorse training, a tradition incidentally equally as strong in her family as show business, she would be up in the Aiden O’Brien class. Well done and heartiest congratulations to all concerned on an excellent effort.

On Saturday night last we had a most enjoyable Christmas Party for club members in the Fr. Tirry Community Centre. Our next club meeting will take place on Saturday 13th January in Fethard Ballroom from 7.45 to 9.30pm.
Fethard Youth Club will hold a Church Gate Collection in the parish on the weekend of January 6th and 7th January. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members and their families a very Happy Christmas.

If you completed your Leaving Certificate in 1990 or were part of the class that did, you are cordially invited to a class reunion on Thursday 28th December at 9pm in the Clonmel Arms Hotel. For further information contact: Siobhán Cleary, Pamela O’Donnell or Kim Lonergan.

We record the sudden death of 33 year-old Pat Browne, Woodvale Walk, who died on Monday 11th December. Interment took place at Calvary Cemetery.
We record the death of Per D'arcy, Killusty, who died Monday 11th December. Interment took place at Killusty.
We record the of Mrs Nellie Kelly, St. Patrick's Place, who died on Monday 11th December. Interment took place at Calvary Cemetery.

On behalf of the local Santa Bear Appeal we would like to thank all who supported the Christmas Hat Party held in the Bridge Bar last week. A total of £252 was raised on the night from entry fees, sale of Santa Bears and donations. A special word of thanks to John and Marianne Shortall, Martin Burke, Veronica Fogarty and the ‘Fethard to Fethard Walkers’.

This Thursday night, 21st December, the Pheasant Pluckers will go Christmas carol singing around Fethard in aid of the CRC Santa Bear Appeal. All are welcome to come along and join in on the night. Starting outside the Town Hall at 7.30pm.

The Annual General Meeting of Fethard GAA Club will take place on Sunday 31st December at 2pm in the Abymill Theatre. All players and members of the club are asked to attend.

Parish Church: Christmas Eve at 8pm and on Christmas Day at 8:30am & 11am.
Killusty: Christmas Eve at 9:30pm and Christmas Day at 10am.
The Abbey: Christmas Eve at 9pm and Christmas Day at 9:30am. & 11:30am.
Even if you do not join us on a regular basis we especially invite you to join us in our liturgies of this great season. You are all most welcome.

This year we will have to split the award between two — Joe Kenny and Cllr. John Fahey. Joe for his ‘Fethard at Home’ website which keeps Fethard emigrants everywhere very up-to-date with the daily happenings in their native town. Joe also does trojan work on behalf of the Community Council, Historical Society and the Central Remedial Clinic. His local Christmas Cards are proving a well-deserved success. We have the most unusual turnabout of Clonmel people coming to shop in Fethard to purchase Joe’s ‘Millennium First Sunrise over Slievenamon’ card.
Councillor Fahey is proving a great ambassador for Fethard district. John never turns a deaf ear to any worthwhile suggestion and his work on behalf of his Fethard constituents is sometimes not fully appreciated. Indeed he has been accused of neglecting his native area in promoting Fethard’s cause.

The next meeting will take place in the Tirry Centre on Wednesday 10th January at 6:30pm. We are here for you and all problems are dealt with in total confidence. Christmas assistance will be given this week. Our members are: Dinny Bourke, Lynn Cummins, Vincent Doocey, Sean Ryan and Peggy Sullivan. We take this opportunity to wish all a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2001.

The Ballylusky White Heather Harriers meet this coming Sunday at Grove Wood at 11am and in Drangan on St. Stephen’s Day at 12 noon.

The annual Fethard and Killusty Emigrants’ Newsletter is now on sale locally at £5 per copy. We would like to thank all that made donations towards this year’s issue. Over 1000 issues are posted free of charge to our emigrants every year.

The members of Fethard and Killusty Community Council, Day Care Centre, Tidy Towns and Community Lotto would like to wish all our community and visitors a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Well another year has come an almost gone so how are things, not in Glocca Morra, but in Fethard. Some things have changed others are still the same. The new layout of the Upper Main Street footpaths and the Square, which caused such a furore at their installation, are now accepted as if always in place. The through flow of traffic, as in all towns, has greatly increased and in that regard the new pedestrian crossing is proving a great boon, especially for those not so fleet of foot.
The old clubs and societies such as the GAA Club and the Tipperary Foxhounds are going just as strongly into the 21st century as they did into the 20th. The Dramatic Society and the ICA, both established in the twenties, are still going as strong as ever.
Some of the more recently formed organisations such as the Community Council, Meals on Wheels and the Historical Society are all doing excellent work on behalf of the citizens of this ancient and historic town. The excellent work done by the Friends of Fethard in their restoration work on the medieval town wall certainly was a marvellous effort, especially in promoting Fethard as an archaeological treasure.
How could we forget the mobile phone — how did we manage without it? Teenagers and even pre-teenagers now regard one as absolutely essential. Everywhere you turn somebody has one stuck to their ear. I am sure we will all benefit greatly from its presence — when we do, let me know. In the meantime, I wish people would at least stop using them while driving.
We have new houses springing up all over the place like mushrooms, one bigger that the other. We have pot-holes, especially on the Rocklow Road, to equal any in Ireland and an amazing amount of newly registered cars for sport. Perhaps the new car syndrome can be explained by the following conversation in a local pub, names omitted. “How do you like your new car?”. “Fine!”. “How much did it cost?”, “I haven’t a clue, it is £39 per week”.
One of the most shocking pieces of news to hit the streets during the year was that of the Augustinians leaving Fethard after their 700 years involvement with the town. Happily this was not to happen and now that they have decided to stay, we wish them a long association with this Town in the future.
The Nationalist Newspaper is also still going strong as ever going into a new millennium. We are carrying on an old tradition as I understand — my grandfather Paddy Kenrick was Fethard correspondent for The Nationalist at the beginning of the last century.
A very Happy Christmas to all readers, especially overseas readers of the Fethard News. We are very pleased when they call to see us on their visits home or when they write to us to tell us how much the column means to them. Its not getting any easier and some weeks we nearly have to go out and bite a dog to find something worthwhile. We wish you all the best for the new Millennium which, according to the Fethard News which of course is never wrong, does not commence until midnight 31st Centuary. “Go neirí an saol is an bothar libh go léir.


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