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SITUATION: This very small Parish is bounded on the northwest, north and northeast by the Parish of Rathcoole; on the south by the Parish of Redcity and on the west by those of Norrestown and Tullamaine.

NAME: This Parish took its name from a branch of the family of Barrett who lived in the Castle of Barrettstown. It is called in Irish Gráinsech a' Bhairéadaigh i.e., the Grange of the Barrett. This is exactly the mode of spelling and pronouncing the name of the Tirawley branch of the Barretts though McFirbis tells us that the Munster Barrots were called in Irish Bar6ideachs. Perhaps the Barretts who gave name to this place were a branch of the Tirawley Barretts and not of the Munster Barrotts?

There is no Church nor ruin of one in this Parish, nor did I meet anyone that ever heard of any Church being nearer to it than that called Caherderg or Redcity.

In the Townland of Barrettstown in this Parish there is a square castle in good preservation. It measures on the outside thirty two feet nine inches by twenty five feet two inches, is four stories high and its walls are six feet two inches in thickness. The highest floor rested on a strong arch which still remains but all the others were of timber. A spiral staircase leads to the top at the northwest corner.

The original windows of this castle are some narrow and roundtopped, some quadrangular and some pointed, and all constructed of chiselled limestone, but two of them have been modernized and covered at top with wooden lintels.

The doorway (which is pointed) is placed on the southwest side and opposite it there is a window in the form of a cross, which admitted the light of the door into the lower room. (See Du Noyer's Sketch of this strong castle).

The Parishes of Redcity and Barrettsgrange were traversed by me and Mr. A. Curry.

J. O'Donovan Cashel,
Sept. 15th 1840

SITUATION. This parish to in the Barony of Kilnamanagh and is bounded on the west by the Parish of Kilpatrick; on the north by that of Donohill; on the chat by Kilmore and on the south by Rathloynan.

NAME: The name of this Parish is in Irish Baile an Teampuill, which signifies Churchtown.

There are now no remains of antiquity in this Parish. The site of the original Church is occupied by a modern Protestant one still in use. The graveyard attached to it looks ancient but contains no monument of antiquity worth attention.


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