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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneAs I progressed through school, I became amazed how much he could add to the subject matter. He was light years ahead of me. Knowing what he already knew about nature and its workings, only made me feel in greater awe of this wonderful man. He had a power and a force about him that I knew I could never equal. Most importantly, he never, ever made me feel less than what I was. Conversely, he did everything to bolster and support me in every way possible. He gave me strength. My father knew people, and I would have to say that he knew me better than I did myself. He knew my strengths as well as my weaknesses and I thank the Good Lord that this opportunity was given to me in life. The only thing is, it causes me to miss him even more as I feel, even as old as I am, that there are things yet to be learned and he is no longer here to teach me. He was like an open book that is never completely read. His lessons have been with me over my lifetime and I still hear his voice echo in my mind.94

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