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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneThe Boundary Lines of Woodlawn on Chicago’s South SideWood lawn was and still is about one square mile in size. 67th Street is its Southern Boundary and 53rd Street its Northern Boundary. It is bordered on the West by Cottage Grove Avenue and on the East by Stony Island Avenue. There is another primary East and West Street and that is Marquette Road otherwise known as 66th Street. A number of streets open up to Jackson Park which I won’t mention as a map could suffice in the event that someone is really interested.In between the Northern and Southern boundaries there are two primary North and South Streets. One is Ellis Avenue and the other Woodlawn Avenue. If a person traveled East on 67th Street, their journey would end at the Lake Front or Lake Michigan. Jackson Park would also be one of its borders, these areas formed two of the major recreation areas for the Woodlawn residents. We spent many evenings and nights in these areas without fear. I cannot begin to describe the beauty of the areas other than to say that they were once covered with trees and flowers and grass. It was wonderful to experience the sights and the beautiful aroma. I spent many hours there by myself or with my many friends. Jackson Park also had a golf course and tennis courts plus many bicycle and walking paths.There have been many attempts to rebuild Woodlawn with condos, both new and restored, but its spirit will never be re-captured. Much of what once existed is now gone. 63rd Street is no longer the shopping Mecca that it once was. The only way to describe Woodlawn is to say that it is Paradise Lost. Now you have a glimpse of Woodlawn as you read through my book and the events that took place there.9

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