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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. Craneunder the water pump and then put them on our cereal along with sugar and milk. Life was good until the time I fell from a tree and broke my arm, but I recovered and continued on. It was at the Kankakee River where I could look up at the clear skies at night and see all of the stars and constellations. The wonders of the Heavens were beautiful and seemed limitless. Little did I know then, but that part of my life prepared me for the military as I was just not a product of the city streets. When the War ended and the farmer’s two sons returned home they said that they no longer wished to work the farm. The farmer sold it to a man who reduced the woods to individual lots and put in paved streets and houses. The blackberry bushes were torn out and all the cabins including my father’s were destroyed. I now enjoy listening to John Berry’s song, “somewhere in time” and especially when it is accompanied by images of trees and woods and streams as it takes me back to a time that I spent with my father at the “Shack.”86

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