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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneAs I grew older I began to appreciate the umbrella of protection that he provided me as his son. Whenever he was close at hand I felt secure from the evils of the world. Rather than rebel against him as a father like so many other teenagers did during my time, I grew to idolize him all the more. To me, he was a giant among men. He was the anchor who held my ship against the storm. The rock that could never be broken no matter how often life tried to crush it through the blows that were thrust upon it. How many times would the Heavens open and the light shine through when he was near, I could not tell. He only acted to strengthen my will. The most wondrous thing about him was that even his friends including my own children looked upon him in the same way. Whenever he was around, a person was never alone.63

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