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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneThe MirrorThe young man stood to one side and watched as the old man sat down and stared into the mirror. What he witnessed was almost beyond his ability to describe as the mirror reflected all kinds of different hues and colors and shapes and images. There were scenes of peace and tranquility and loving and joy and happiness. As the old man sat there he smiled and nodded as if in agreement. Sometimes he laughed or giggled and even scratched his head as he seemed puzzled at what he saw. He truly was taking in all that which he enjoyed. As he got up to leave, he nodded at the crowd and smiled and tipped his hat as if to wish everyone a fond farewell.The young man then watched as the line moved forward and another man sat down. This man suddenly became repulsed at what he saw. He began to swear and curse and flailed his fists and arms in the air. He truly was agitated. It was beyond the young man’s comprehension to understand or to even explain what was taking place as compared to the previous man. He could only describe it according to what he imagined might provoke someone in a mad house. As the man got up, he spit and shook his fists at the crowd. He appeared to be filled with hate towards everyone.With that, the young man slipped around the crowd to catch a glimpse of the sign that had been posted next to the mirror. As he read it he began to stare in wonderment at what had taken place and what the sign read:CATCH A GLIMPSE OF YOUR MIND’S EYE,SEE INTO THE DEPTHS OF YOUR INNER THOUGHTS AND SOUL as you gaze into our wondrous mirror.50

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