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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. Cranewould, as they say in English movies, “Drift across the Moors,” it was always nice to keep the girls nervous as they would cling to us guys out of fear.One of the most dreadful things that ever happened was some guy did not know about the broken bars and instead reached for a tree branch and pulled himself up only to slip and impale himself on the spiked bar. I was told that he hung on the branch screaming in pain until he was rescued and brought to the hospital by the green trucks. Another time a bunch of guys went skinny dipping in the pond and the cemetery workers stole their clothes and would not give them back until the guys promised never to come back again.Now that I am older, I often wonder why we took such delight in running around a cemetery because we will all be there soon enough as it is . Maybe it was the fact that we were just city kids and never knew what it was like to be country club members. Not only that but we were able to hang around with some pretty important people even if they could not carry on a conversation.34

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