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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneMore War Heroes From WoodlawnThe B family lived directly across the alley from us on 64th Street. Their son, Ken, was captured at Corregidor in the Philippines by the Japanese at the very beginning of the Second World War. He was transferred to mainland Japan where he spent the entire war in a POW camp. He survived and returned home where he lived out his life.Jeanette was a friend of my mother’s and lived directly across from us on 64th Street. Her son, Roy, was a marine and took part in the invasion of 3 Japanese held islands in the South Pacific. He was wounded in each of these engagements and each time his mother received a Killed in Action Notification only to receive a later notification that he had been wounded instead. He went to work at the steel mills and died of leukemia.My brother-in-law, Pat, took part in the Normandy Invasion and the The Battle of The Bulge. He fought through Europe and became a guard at the Nuremberg Trails and returned home to live out his life.My friend’s cousin was captured by the Germans and his group was executed by machine guns mounted in tanks. He lived by faking death and crawling away in the dark. He lived to return home from the war. This list is in no way complete as it only contains Woodlawn residents that I personally knew.29

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