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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneA TragedyOne of my best friends met a girl from the neighborhood and they fell completely in love. The only problem was that the girl’s family rejected my friend and they did everything that they could to break up the relationship. Finally the parents relented and my friend and his beloved decided to get married. I proudly stood as best man at the wedding. It was not too long afterwards that my friend secured a job in another state and they both moved to find a new horizon.Years went by and we had a small reunion of sorts. When I walked into the room, my friend stood up and introduced me to his, “New Wife.” I was shocked knowing all that went on that the original wife was not there. I took my friend to one side and asked him, “What went on?” My friend replied, “She left me and is wandering the streets somewhere a complete alcoholic. There was nothing I could do to stop her.” Completely shocked, I asked, “Why?” He replied by telling me that they had a young son who went missing. No matter what the police or anyone else could do, they could not find him. Then, somebody checked the city dump and opened up a refrigerator and there was their son crumpled up at the bottom. No one knew if he had climbed in on his own accord or someone locked him in there. My friend’s first wife suffered a complete and total breakdown and nothing anyone could do could bring her back. I shuddered at the thought and could only offer my condolences.How sad, how sad. I now live with the memory of a happy and loving couple that I once knew.25

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