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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneA Beautiful SisterI once had a friend who lived in one of the tenement buildings in Woodlawn. His was a large family as he had 7 brothers and sisters. The father had lost his leg to diabetes and could no longer work. The mother worked at a hot printing press as a production worker. Most of the children worked as best that they could as they were still in school. The oldest sister was very beautiful and during some of the times that I went over to their house, she would be getting ready to go out on a date. While waiting, she would oftentimes sit with us on the porch and talk. Eventually the date would pull up in his car and honk the horn. With that, she would stand up and say, “There he is, gotta go.” We would all wish her a good time. Years later I was talking to a mutual friend about the family. He laughed at me and said, “Tom, didn’t you know?” I replied, “Know what?” He then said that the oldest sister was a Call Girl and worked from the house. I was somewhat dismayed but then realized that that is how she kept herself looking so well and in fashionable clothes. I also realized that she kept food on the table and helped to support her younger brothers and sisters. She served them well and even my friend who never mentioned his sister’s occupation. I only know that she was a very beautiful woman both inside and out. She did what she could under difficult circumstances.24

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