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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. Crane“Peaches, 3 Pounds For A Quarter”I had a friend by the name of Bobby who was raised by his grandparents and he never made any mention of his parents. For that reason he gained my father's sympathy and respect. My father always had a heart for the Down-trodden. Bobby was an entrepreneur as he was always trying to figure out a way to make money. One summer his next door neighbor gave him a bushel of peaches that were growing on his tree in the backyard. This prompted Bobby to gather up an old baby buggy and a scale plus some used brown paper bags. Along with the peaches and these other items, Bobby joined the ranks of the many peddlers who roamed through our alleys. Bobby enlisted my help in peddling his peaches. We went up and down the alleys yelling, “Peaches, 3 pounds for a Quarter.” The outcome was that Bobby made a number of dollars that day as housewives were eager to snap up a bargain as they yelled down from their porches at us, “I'll take a pound.”Each time that we sold peaches, we made sure that we quickly went on to another location. The reason being that not only were the peaches hard as rocks, but that were full of worms as well.Bobby later went on in life to own and operate a fleet of taxi cabs. The only unfortunate thing was that his wife was killed in an accident while driving one. Like many of my other friends, I lost him somewhere along the trail of life. Even though, it was fun knowing him when I did as I never knew what to expect from him. The bottom line was that even though he was poor, he had a creative and enterprising mind. Bobby was not one to sit back and be deprived in life as he always made his own way even if he was not entirely legitimate.21

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