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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneBeing Overly Protective Is No Guarantee Against The Fickleness Of FateWhen I lived in the Court way which was otherwise known as 64th Place which was located just off of Maryland Avenue, I had 3 very close friends who lived across the street. During my childhood years, they meant everything to me as they were my playmates. There was an older sister who acted as a chaperon for not only myself, but for her brother who was of my own age and a younger sister as well. We did everything together such as going to the movies, the local museums, the parks and the like. The only problem was that they had two very strict parents who would often “Ground” them for the slightest infraction of household duties or obligations. “Grounded” meant that they were confined to their home on what was sometimes the most beautiful days of the year. That also meant that my playmates were taken kept inside until I could see them once again outside of their home..Eventually, they moved away. I lost track of them until one day I received some very disturbing and heartbreaking news. The oldest daughter had earned some latitude in her dealings with the outside world as she grew older. On the very occasion when she marked a stepping stone in her life by graduating from high school, she was killed. She must have been over-joyed at having had some of her constraints removed. The irony was that her life was ended on the very night of her Senior Prom which otherwise should have signified her coming of age. Fate had acted in such a way as to deny her that celebration.. Her date hit a concrete support pillar for an overpass with his automobile. I could only imagine how her parents must have felt after having given her a lifetime of strict parental guidance only to have her suddenly taken away. Her brother and younger sister must have also questioned why some of their freedom had been denied during their formative years . It must have been a time of disillusionment for them. It was then that I appreciated the fact that my own parents had trusted that I could make my own way in the world as there are forces at work in each of our lives that are beyond others ability to control. To quote from “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley, “...I am the master of my fate,I am the captain of my soul.”May Mary June rest in peace.19

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