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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. Cranewent to grade school!In 1984, I lost my job at the university as part of a generalized reduction in staff for budgetary reasons. I eventually found work as a manager for a company that manufactured and sold seal coating material. That material is used to finish or seal asphalt. Seal coat is a by-product of coal tar. I took my father’s advice when my father once told me to never be afraid to get my hands dirty in order to make a living. I found it interesting that I had returned in some way to the trade of my Irish ancestors in that they were all coal miners. Also my father had worked with hot tar and pitch when he was a roofer. To complete the story, one of my customers said that his grandfathers had known my father when they worked together as roofers many years before.I often wonder what it was that caused me to retrace footsteps over and over again. It is as if I never walk alone. Whenever I think about Woodlawn I remember it as a small town in the midst of a big city and unlike those who actually do come from small towns, I can never return to the Woodlawn that I once knew as it no longer exists whereas some small towns still do . Just like the lady, Louise, who had visited me on her last day of work at the university, the only thing that I have left is the memories that I have collected from times past.133

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