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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneA New EraCoincidental with my father leaving the filling station business, I was drafted into the Army. As fate would have it, my background and experience in the military qualified me to apply for and be granted a position at the very university that dominated our Woodlawn neighborhood. This was the very university that we sons and daughters of blue collar workers had, at one time, looked down upon with utter disdain and derision. The reason being that the students and professional people who worked at the university did not fit into what we considered was the norm for our society or world. As time went on, I began to appreciate those very people who did not fit into my scheme of things. I began to know the meaning of keeping an open mind. In other words, I matured in my manner of thinking.I held three different positions at the university based upon my progression through night school. I started out in the technical field and then in research. I finally ended up in the administrative and then managerial departments. While the university helped me to develop my skills in formulating my thoughts and ideas, it was the research part of my career that brought me into contact with the basic human condition. It was there that I witnessed the full range of human emotions be they suffering and even death. It was enough to cause me to think about many of the aspects of life. While this little book has had its light-hearted moments, there is a serious side to it also as the reader might have already discovered. I feel as though it is a lot like life itself. In the final analysis, it all depends on how we, as individuals, deal with many of its pitfalls. I cannot say that I have always been successful by myself, but I have had the good fortune to have been raised by good parents and at the same time surrounded by those who have helped me through the rough spots. It is in effect a story of what I have witnessed, like many others have done before me, as I proceed through life . I hope that I have not only entertained, but, that I have provided the reader with enough examples that might, in some way, be helpful to them too.124

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