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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneA True FriendGod must have known that humankind needed a true friend so He created that which we have come to know as a dog. Dogs come in many shapes and sizes, but they have a couple of things in common and that is a tail to wag and a tongue to lick a face or hand.It does not matter if a person is rich or poor or crippled and maimed. To a dog everybody is the same. Its love is unequaled and forever true no matter if others might turn against someone for whatever reason. A dog’s loyalty always stays the same.Whether sitting next to the fire in some hobo jungle and no matter if that person is down and out, to a dog, that person is still the champ.A dog often smiles and with a glint in its eyes. If a person is sometimes sad, then a dog is sad too.A dog has a mischievous streak and that is why it will sometimes grab a slipper and run.It will lay next to a person on a long winter’s night if that person is alone just to keep that person warm. The only rewards that a dog looks for in return for its loyalty and companionship are a pat on the head and something to eat. Why am I telling you this, you might ask. Well, the simple matter is that I have been there and done that over the course of my years. Unfortunately my time for owning a dog are gone for whatever reasons and I guess that what I am saying is that whoever owns a dog should treasure it as if it were gold. If a person already owns a dog or has owned a dog then everything that I have said goes without saying as I know that you already understand. That being the case it is nice to know that we have a shared appreciation of dogs and I find no harm in putting it in words.Some people might ask if dogs go to Heaven and this is something I cannot tell. All that I know in my heart is that depending on the type of life a person has led, when it comes time for God to make a decision on where that person should spend eternity, you can bet that a dog will be waiting for that someone even if left standing at the Gates of Hell.121

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