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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. Craneaddition to automobiles. It was a rather long route from 66th Street to 61st and Cottage grove Avenue where my father’s filling station was located. One day I let Rusty run along side of me. I did not realize that he imprinted the entire route until my father called me one day and said, "If you are looking for the dog, he is with me." That started a whole new facet in his life. The routine was go to the filling station in the morning, eat lunch and then go home and eat dinner.Rusty’s and my world would soon end. I was drafted into the Army and our building was sold and my step-father bought a house on the West Side. While I was gone my father took Rusty in, but he lived far from the filling station. When I returned from the Army, I got married and once more my father took in Rusty. One day I received a call that Rusty was dying. I walked in and saw a crumpled old body whose fur had faded and as he struggled to breathe, I wept. Rusty and I had experienced the good times as well as the bad together. I was not able to bury him in the ground, but instead he occupies a place in my heart. For you, Old Pal.117

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