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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneRusty’s Close CallOne day as I left the building on Ingleside Avenue, I started walking North towards the boulevard which was 66th Street. The cars were streaming back and forth at a high rate of speed. I suddenly looked up the sidewalk and saw Rusty heading towards me from the opposite direction. As I reached the curb, he saw me and started to head for the street. I yelled at him to stop and sit, but he would not listen. As he stepped into the street, a car hit him and he yelped real loud. After the traffic cleared, I ran over to him as he was laying in the grass. When I reached him, he stood up and shook off his injury. With that I hugged him real close and we both walked back home. It was quite a scare. He was such a beautiful and loving animal. I would not know what to do if he had been killed and especially since he had been running towards me. I loved Rusty with my whole heart.114

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