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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneStreet in a little hotel in a small room that had a folding wall bed. In the meantime my mother had given Rusty away to a lady friend.After spending a good part of the Summer in a hot sticky hotel, my mother announced that she found an apartment. Coincidentally, the woman who had taken Rusty said that he was beyond her control and wanted to know if my mother would take Rusty back. After spending time in what I considered Hell and without Rusty, my mother found a nice airy apartment on Ingleside Avenue. Rusty was back and my life was complete. The only problem was that we were not allowed to have animals and so we had to sneak Rusty in. Because we did not walk Rusty, we would simply open up the back door and let him run out. Rusty ranged the neighborhood and made many furry and two-legged friends. Then one day he came back with a cut over his eye that was so deep that I could see the bone. I treated it with Mercurochrome and it slowly healed. After that, I had him on a leash one day and he saw the janitor and it took all my strength to hold him back as he tore back and forth and growled while the janitor kept yelling, “Keep that dog away, I’ll kill that dog, I’ll kill that dog.” It was after that that one of my friends told me that the janitor had hit Rusty with a ball peen hammer. For some reason, the situation resolved itself and Rusty went on with his life and returning home whenever he got hungry.113

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