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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneThe Big ShootoutMy father told me that one day, a guy came into the casino with his head all bandaged and he had his hand under his coat and he asked if anybody had seen Ralph. Everybody replied, “No.” They all knew that Ralph had beaten him up. A short time latter Ralph came in with his hand under his coat and asked if anybody had seen Mike. And they all replied, “No.” Mike was the guy with the bandaged head who Ralph had beaten up. Time passed and all of a sudden they all heard, bang!, bang!, bang!, bang!, bang! and the tables and chairs and chips and drinks and cards went flying in the air and everybody ran out the door. They knew for sure that Ralph and Mike had met up and the shootout had begun. What they did not know was that since the casino windows were open in the back because it was in the days before air-conditioning that someone threw a whole string of firecrackers in the window. Later on they heard singing and wouldn’t you know, here came Ralph and Mike staggering drunk with their arms wrapped around one another and singing a duet.107

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