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Pat’s Tavern by Thomas J. CraneHow A Man Who Had Everything Made A Teenager Feel ProudThe head of the syndicate had two sons and they were named Joe an Vic. Vic was the oldest and he usually talked only business. Joe acted like he had missed his teenage years. My father was helping me to fix up an old used car. When I say help, my father did most of the work and even spray-painted it. In addition, we often had members of the auto agency repair shop come over and work on the car. Joe would often drive in for gas in a brand new car and when he did he was usually accompanied by what I can only describe as a Show Girl. Joe would get out of his car in order to examine the progress that was being made on fixing up my old car. As he walked around and looked, I pointed out the repairs, he would exclaim, “Oh,Wow!, that looks great!” And on and on until he had me bursting with pride. Here was a young man who had everything including new cars and girls and yet took the time to compliment me on my old car. He stepped down from his realm to make a kid feel good and I could only accept it as a measure of his manliness. As I grew in life, I met many people who either seek to demean or belittle others by overwhelming them with their worldly possessions, but not Joe. He was what I can only describe as, “A regular Guy.” And so it was for my father doing business with some of the most wonderful people that I ever knew and I am grateful for the opportunity to have known them.101

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