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Fethard Burial Ground Records
from available information researched (not complete)

Very Rev. E. O’Leary O.S.A.
who died Dec. 3rd 1932
Jesu Thou art my souls Best
Friend, my hope my life my stag.
Be not strict judge
at my last end, but saviour
sweet & pray.
E. O. Leary.
Very Rev. J.A. Doyle O.S.A.
who died Jan. 18th 1957 aged 63 yrs.
Rev. J.K. Galway O.S.A. who died
March 17th 1967.
Rev. J.N. McFadden Died 20th May 1974.
Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of
Very Rev. James Williams O.S.A.
The Abbey, Fethard.
who died 12th Sept. 1916 aged 78 yrs.
Also for the souls of Rev. John A. Coffee O.S.A.
who died Feb. 22nd A.D. 1922 aged 24 years.
Rev. Michael A. O’Dwyer O.S.A.
who died June 25th A.D. 1928 aged 59 years.
Rev. L.P. Funchion O.S.A.
who died Feb. 24th A.D. 1930 aged 68 years.
Abbey Church
Grave No:

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