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Fethard Burial Ground Records
from available information researched (not complete)

A monument from children
to their father Robert Coffey, Brodeen
died March 18 1883
Aged 87 yrs.
Also their mother
Bridget Coffey(Alias) Hunt
Died June 28 1887, Aged 74 yrs
Pray for them & for their son
Thomas Coffey, Brodeen
Died April 4 1925 Aged 88 yrs.
And their grandson
Robert Coffey, Abbeyville
Died May 26 1937
In loving memory of
Denis Coffey
Abbeyville Fethard
Died 26 Oct. 1954
His sister May
Died 29 Oct. 1957
And his brother
Joseph B.E.
Died 21 Nov. 1968
Sweet Jesus have mercy
on the souls of
Denis Coffey, Died
21 Aug. 1888
Aged 46 yrs.
Mrs. Mary Anne Heffernan (nee Coffey)
(alias Coffey)
Died 1889 Aged 44 yrs.
In memory of
John Coffey
Bullock Park
Died 17 Jan. Aged 77 yrs
Also his wife
Margaret Coffey (nee Egan)
Died 3 April 1916
Aged 73 yrs.
Also Michael Coffey, Abbeyville
Died 29 June 1928, His wife
Ellie died 13 June 1930
And their daughter Bridget (Cis)
Died 17 Aug. 1933
Parish Church
Grave No:

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