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Saturday 9th August 1997

Used abusive language to woman
A 64-YEAR-OLD man was convicted at Clonmel District Court of Indulging in threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour in Fethard on Easter Sunday last. His sentencing was adjourned to October to await a report from the Court Welfare Office.
Jack Costello, 13 Woodvale Walk, Fethard, was found to have used abusive language to Ms Nellie Donovan, 22 Fr. Tirry Park, Fethard, in Fr. Tirry Park on March 30.
Ms Donovan said she was walking up steps from Barry Street into Fr. Tirry Park on the day in question when she saw Costello coming the other way, following his young son Michael. He turned to her and said "I'll f...ing get you, you f...ing bitch". This came as a complete shock to her. Costello then followed her up to her house, shouting the same words all the way.
Under cross-examination from defencing solicitor
John Joy, Ms Donovan agreed she had enjoyed a good relationship with Costello at one time. He had done various small jobs for her, such as washing her windows. However, they had fallen out over arguments about Costello's children coming into her back yard and throwing clay and stones at her house.
Mr.. Costello and his wife and family were living in the house of his father and mother-in-law in Fr. Tiny Park when this occurred. Mr. Joy put it to Ms Donovan that when the relationship soured, she had questioned the County Council as to how they were entitled to live there. She said this was not true and she had never queried their tenancy.
Mr. Joy said his client claimed not to have spoken to Ms Donovan In a number of years, and specifically denied talking to her on Easter Sunday.-Ms Donovan replied that "he shoutód4l'll get you, you f...ing bitch'." Costello, In evidence, said Ms Donovan's evidence was "filthy lies" and "nothing could be further frdm the truth". He said Ms Donovan had been friendly when he first met her, but she had been going around telling lots of stones about several people. "She was telling filthy stories about me, and I warned her to stop", he said. "After that, we never spoke". "She referred to us as 'squatters' and went all over Fethard putting poison out for me and my family", he continued. He denied that he had followed Ms Donovan to her house shouting abuse at her, saying that since he was going down towards the road, he would have to have turned around to do such a thing. He would not have shouted in any case, since he had a child with him.
Inspector Tadg Browns put it to Costello that Me Donovan was well-respected and known for her discretion in the community. "I have no respect for her", he replied. Defending solicitor Joan Joy said the main point of the case was that it was one person's word against another, since there were no independent witnesses.
Judge Michael Pattwell found Mr. Costello guilty,and adjourned the sentencing to October to await a report from the Court Welfare Officer. "Effectively, I am ordering him to be bound to the peace for three months", said the Judge.
Earlier Costello had been cleared on a charge of assaulting Elizabeth Thompson at Fr. Tirry Park on March 2. Judge Pattwell said he was satisfied there had been a fight between Mr Costello, Miss Thompson and her boyfriend Mr. Mark Tynan, but he could not be sure how it had started, so he had to dismiss the case.


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