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Fethard Burial Ground Records
from available information researched (not complete)

Erected by the grateful people
of Fethard & Killusty
& other admirers in Newfoundland & US America
to the memory of the
Vec. & very Revd. Archdeacon Michael Laffen
who was parish priest of Fethard & Killusty
for 38 yrs.
And died on the 7 day of June 1861, Aged 70 yrs
Archdeacon Laffen was gifted by the almighty
with a high order of talents & a rare eloquence
which he devoted to the sacred cause of religion
and the instructions of
His flock
As a patriot he threw himself heart & soul
into the struggles for freedom of his native land
and in evil days inspired courage & independence
into his downtrodden countrymen
in an age of great Irihmen in church & state
Archdeacon Laffen was a prominent figure
as priest & patriot

The collectors for this monument were
John McCarthy, Chairman T.G. Fethard
James O`Connell, Kilavalla
Henry Blackmore Rathcoole House
Michael Walsh Sec. Fethard
Michael Murphy Hon. Sec. Fethard
january 1884
Parish Church
Grave No:

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